Judge Priest (1934)

“The figures in this story are familiar ghosts of my own boyhood…” Synopsis: A judge (Will Rogers) in turn-of-the-century Kentucky helps his nephew (Tom Brown) romance a fatherless neighbor girl (Anita Louise). Genres: Comedy Courtroom Drama Deep South John Ford Films Will Rogers Films Review: Judge Priest — the second of Will Rogers’ three collaborations […]

Dr. Bull (1933)

“We’re ashamed of your goings-on in this town… It’s a shame and a scandal in the community!” Synopsis: A country doctor (Will Rogers) dating a widower (Vera Allen) must endure the mean-spirited gossip of his dissatisfied small-town clients. Genres: Comedy Doctors and Nurses John Ford Films Small Town America Will Rogers Films Review: In the […]

Exile, The (1947)

“You all know my terms as well as I: we’ll go home when we are freely called, by all our countrymen — and not one day before!” Synopsis: While living in exile in Holland, King Charles Stuart (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) falls in love with a local farmer (Rita Corday) and tries to escape the clutches […]