Beast of the City, The (1932)

“Mind if I ask you some questions?” Synopsis: Police Captain Jim Fitzpatrick (Walter Huston) is determined to nab crime boss Sam Belmonte (Jean Hersholt), but finds his loyalties tested when his detective brother (Wallace Ford) betrays the force for a beautiful moll (Jean Harlow). Genres: Corruption Gangsters Jean Harlow Films Mickey Rooney Films Police Walter […]

Rock Around the Clock (1956)

“It’s rock ‘n roll, and we’re rockin’ tonight!” Synopsis: Talent scouts Steve (Johnny Johnston) and Corny (Henry Slate) sign on with small-town band Bill Haley and the Comets, as well as dancing duo siblings Lisa (Lisa Gaye) and Jimmy (Earl Barton) — but big-time music agent Corinne Talbot (Alix Talton) is jealous of Steve’s romantic […]