Homebodies (1974)

“A Murder a Day Keeps the Landlord Away!” Synopsis: A group of elderly people facing eviction from their dilapidated apartment building take drastic action by murdering anyone who tries to force them to leave. Genres: Black Comedy Elderly People Serial Killers Response to Peary’s Review: As Peary notes, this “weird little sleeper” by independent filmmaker […]

Boy Friend, The (1971)

“Now go out there and be so great you’ll make me hate you!” Synopsis: Meek stagehand Polly Browne (Twiggy) takes over the leading role in Sandy Wilson’s musical The Boy Friend when its star (Glenda Jackson) breaks her leg. Genres: Actors and Actresses Glenda Jackson Films Ken Russell Films Love Triangle Musical Play Adaptations Underdog […]

Fort Apache (1948)

“I’m not asking your opinion, Captain York. When you command this regiment — and you probably will — command it!” Synopsis: Lieutenant Thursday (Henry Fonda) is sent to a remote outpost in the west, where he attempts to impose strict military discipline on a troop of cavalrymen. Meanwhile, his teenage daughter (Shirley Temple) struggles to […]

Ugetsu / Ugetsu Monogatari (1953)

“I see death in your face! Have you encountered a ghost?” Synopsis: A potter (Masayuki Mori) and his brother-in-law (Eitaro Ozawa) go to the city to sell their wares, where they succomb to the temptations of love and excitement. Mori has an affair with beautiful Machiko Kyo (who turns out to be a ghost), while […]

Wanda (1971)

“You waitin’ for somebody?” Synopsis: After passively giving up custody of her children, a coal-mining wife (Barbara Loden) wanders into a life of crime with a gruff stranger she meets in a bar (Michael Higgins). Genres: Character Studies Feminism and Women’s Issues Heists Mining Towns Road Trip Response to Peary’s Review: This slow, honest film […]

Dr. Butcher, M.D. (Medical Deviate) / Zombie Holocaust (1980)

“I could easily kill you now — but I’m determined to have your brain!” Synopsis: An expedition team on Keto Island tries to escape from the clutches of a mad scientist (Donald O’Brien) who is turning corpses into zombies; meanwhile, they must outrun the island’s resident cannibals. Genres: Cannibals Horror Mad Doctors and Scientists Zombies […]

Death Race 2000 (1975)

“The big score: anyone, any sex, over 75 years old has been upped to 100 points!” Synopsis: In a dystopic future America, drivers compete in a cross-country race, earning points by killing as many pedestrians along the way as possible. Genres: Assassination Car Racing Dystopia Media Spectacle Rivalry Satires and Spoofs Sylvester Stallone Films Response […]

Let There Be Light (1946)

“In faraway places, men dreamed of this moment. But for some men the moment is very different from the dream.” Synopsis: Shell-shocked soldiers returning from World War II undergo treatment for a variety of psychological and physical difficulties. Genres: Documentary John Huston Films Psychotherapy Veterans World War Two Response to Peary’s Review: Originally commissioned by […]

Native Land (1942)

Synopsis: In the 1930s, the burgeoning American labor movement is under threat from large corporations, which will stop at nothing to prevent unionism and collective bargaining. Genres: Documentary Episodic Films Labor Movement Paul Robeson Films Response to Peary’s Review: This “legendary political film” — a series of historical reenactments based on reports from the La […]

Decameron, The (1971)

“l met a lady claiming to be my sister. She invited me to supper. I fell into her toilet, and here I am!” Synopsis: Eight vignettes — based on stories from Boccaccio’s Decameron — poke fun at love, sex, and Catholicism in 14th century Italy. Genres: Episodic Films Historical Drama Italian Films Literature Adaptation Pier […]