In Praise of Older Women (1978)

In Praise of Older Women (1978)

“All the girls I know are absolutely weird… They don’t want to make love with me. I’ve tried everything! I guess I just don’t understand women.”

A Hungarian philosophy student (Tom Berenger) enlists the help of his married neighbor (Karen Black) in losing his virginity, then continues to pursue a string of “older women”, including a revolutionary (Susan Strasberg), a repressed divorcee (Alexandra Stewart), and a married faculty wife (Helen Shaver).


This tedious coming-of-age sex romp — starring a young, buff Tom Berenger — was notorious at the time of its release for showing a fair amount of nudity and simulated sex; the story itself, however, leaves much to be desired. Starting in post-war Hungary (where everyone apparently spoke American English, without an accent), the film follows the travails of horny Andras (Berenger), who discovers that older women — rather than virginal co-eds — are the ticket to sexual bliss; it’s a mildly intriguing premise, but one which never develops into anything more complex. Andras’s first (mutual) “conquest”, Karen Black, is by far the most interesting female character in the film, but after Andras cruelly cheats on her, she’s out of the picture. The central problem is that Andras simply isn’t a very likable character — he’s a player, and not ashamed to admit it, but why should we care about him or his life?

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Karen Black as Andras’ first “older lover”
    IPOOW Karen Black

Must See?
No; skip this one.


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