Heavy Traffic (1973)

Heavy Traffic (1973)

“I’m gittin’ wid’ it, Carole! A really zooty, cash ‘n booty, funky and booty razzmattazz!”

A horny Jewish-Italian cartoonist (Joseph Kaufmann) has a series of adventures with lowlifes in New York, and tries to get laid by a busty black woman.


Response to Peary’s Review:
As Peary notes, this semi-autobiographical, X-rated animation feature by Ralph Bakshi possesses some well-drawn characters, impressive backgrounds, bizarre humor, and a creative mix of live action and animation. With that said, your enjoyment of the movie will ultimately hinge upon your tolerance for its litany of hyper-sexual, “grotesque characters”. A little of this kind of humor goes a long way.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • Some truly far-out animation

Must See?
No. While Bakshi’s films are worth a one-time watch for their unique place in animation history, Fritz the Cat (1972) may be a better candidate as “must see” given its status as the first ever X-rated animated film.


One thought on “Heavy Traffic (1973)

  1. Agreed – not must-see.

    It’s certainly not dull and it does have appeal as a cult item. There are some especially imaginative sequences, but it will be of particular interest to those following animation history…and R. Crumb.

    Fave moment: the reference to Edward Hopper by use of his ‘Nighthawks’ painting.

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