Endless Summer, The (1966)

“I couldn’t help but think of all the waves which had gone to waste.”

Endless Summer Poster

Two American surfers (Michael Hynson and Robert August) travel the world in search of the “perfect wave”.


Bruce Brown’s 16 mm documentary about surfing the world’s waves is, as noted in TCM’s article, little more than a glorified home video. Nonetheless, it received reasonable reviews upon its release, and, despite the hokey narration by Brown, has developed a nostalgic cult following over the years. Naturally, there’s lots of footage of the surfers out on the waves, which can get tedious if you’re not a fan — but if you’re going to see one documentary about this hugely popular sport, this should be it.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • An often amusing time-capsule glimpse at one of the world’s most popular water sports
  • Brown’s unintentionally campy narration

Must See?
Yes. This cult documentary should be seen by all film fanatics.



One Response to “Endless Summer, The (1966)”

  1. Not a must.

    I’ve nothing against this little travelogue, per se. It’s nicely done and, as per noted, informative for fans of the hugely popular sport – and I don’t find the narration “campy”; just seems done by a fun-loving heterosexual guy.

    However, I have a real hard time imagining the average ff saying, “Gee, I keep meaning to see ‘The Endless Summer’!” I mean, a whole film about surfing – without a goofy plot, Annette Funicello and (esp.) a cameo by Paul Lynde?

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