Snuff (1976)

“I will cut your heart from your body and feed it to the dogs!”

A gang of drug-addicted serial killers pursue a beautiful actress and her household.


Response to Peary’s Review:
This “wretched picture” — a muddled, incomprehensible pastiche of several awful movies — may possibly earn my vote as the worst movie ever made. As I noted in my review of Heaven’s Gate (1980), it’s a rare instance when I can’t get all the way through one of the titles listed in Peary’s book, but this was another exception. The final “snuff” scene is ridiculous (and obviously staged), but nonetheless sparked an urban legend which made scads of unsuspecting people want to go see this mess of a film.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • None. At all. Believe me.

Must See?
No; avoid this one at all costs.


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  1. First (and last) attempt at viewing. I made it through just 10 minutes, then bailed from this piece of crap. I simply don’t care to subject myself to more of it.

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