Treasure Island (1934)

“We’ll always be mates, won’t we?” Synopsis: When an alcoholic sea captain (Lionel Barrymore) visits and then dies at an inn run by a widow (Dorothy Peterson) and her son (Jackie Cooper), he leaves behind a coveted treasure map. Cooper sets sail on an adventure with Captain Smollet (Lewis Stone), Dr. Livesey (Otto Kruger), and […]

One Night of Love (1934)

“You must work, work, and work.” Synopsis: When an operatic guru (Tullio Carminati) takes an aspiring soprano (Grace Moore) under his wing, they maintain a strict and highly regimental work environment — but will romance inevitably flourish between the two? Genres: Aspiring Stars Musicals Singers Review: Operatic diva Grace Moore was notoriously challenging to work […]

King Steps Out, The (1936)

“I’ll look you in the eye later; I’m too busy now.” Synopsis: To prevent her sister (Frieda Inescort) from having to marry the Emperor of Bavaria (Franchot Tone), “Sissy” (Grace Moore) travels incognito to Tone’s court, where she poses as a dress-maker and attempts to seduce him. Genres: Cross-Class Romance Franchot Tone Films Historical Drama […]

Tale of Two Cities, A (1935)

“There is a sickness these days which labels itself humanitarianism.” Synopsis: Just prior to the French Revolution, an alcoholic British lawyer (Ronald Colman) falls for a sweet young woman (Elizabeth Allan) whose father (Henry B. Walthalle) was held captive by the French ruling class for years — however, Allan’s romantic sights are set on the […]

Theatre of Blood (1973)

“They’re not going to start killing critics for giving bad notices, are they?” Synopsis: With assistance from his loyal daughter (Diana Rigg), a vengeful actor (Vincent Price) systematically murders each of his critics while a hapless detective (Milo O’Shea) attempts to stay ahead of each Shakespearean-inspired crime. Genres: Actors and Actresses Black Comedy Diana Rigg […]

Oblong Box, The (1969)

“Tell me — what really did happen in Africa?” Synopsis: After being disfigured in an African voodoo ritual, a now-insane man (Alister Williamson)– whose guilt-ridden brother (Vincent Price), hoping to peacefully marry his fiancee (Hilary Dwyer), keeps him locked in the attic — seeks help from a crooked lawyer (Peter Arne) in receiving a potion […]

Masque of the Red Death, The (1964)

“Famine, pestilence, war, disease, and death — they rule this world.” Synopsis: In plague-ridden medieval Italy, a Satan-worshipping prince (Vincent Price) approached for help by two local villagers (David Weston and Nigel Green) sentences them to death unless a young woman (Jane Asher) — Weston’s fiance and Green’s daughter — chooses which one will live. […]

Fall of the House of Usher, The / House of Usher (1960)

“The Usher line is tainted, sir.” Synopsis: When a man (Mark Damon) visits his fiancee (Myrna Fahey) at her house, the butler (Harry Ellerbe) warns him to stay away and Fahey’s protective brother (Vincent Price) insists he must leave — but Damon is determined to rescue and marry Fahey at any cost. Genres: Edgar Allan […]

5 Fingers (1952)

“There’s nothing as real as money.” Synopsis: A valet (James Mason) working in Turkey for a British ambassador (Walter Hampden) to Germany enlists the help of an impoverished French countess (Danielle Darrieux) in carrying out espionage, planning to retire to South America with his gains — but will an investigator (Michael Rennie) discover his identity […]

Pit and the Pendulum, The (1961)

“I am responsible; if it were not so, she would not want to haunt me.” Synopsis: In 16th century Spain, a man (John Kerr) visits the grieving husband (Vincent Price) of his recently deceased sister (Barbara Steele), demanding more details about her mysterious death — but he quickly learns that supernatural forces may be at […]