Victor / Victoria (1982)

“You two-timing son-of-a-bitch — he’s a woman!” Synopsis: A destitute singer (Julie Andrews) in 1930s Paris befriends a gay man (Robert Preston) who convinces her to pose as a female impersonator. “Victor” (Andrews) quickly finds success, as well as admiration from a gangster (James Garner) who has trouble reconciling his attraction to a “man”. Genres: […]

Hangmen Also Die! (1943)

“This is war, and you’re in it!” Synopsis: In Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, a doctor (Brian Donlevy) working for the underground secretly assassinates the corrupt deputy governor (Hans Heinrich von Twardowski), then seeks refuge in the home of a young woman (Anna Lee) who helped him flee the police. When Lee’s father (Walter Brennan) is sent to […]

Road to Glory, The (1936)

“I left you with a wounded man on a wire, and you leave me with a mine to sit on.” Synopsis: A French lieutenant (Warner Baxter) serving in the trenches of World War I with his over-aged father (Lionel Barrymore) finds solace in the company of a local nurse (June Lang), who falls for a […]

Red Pony, The (1949)

“You can’t know life unless you know death; it’s all part of one thing.” Synopsis: When a teacher-turned-rancher (Shepperd Strudwick) gives his son Tom (Peter Miles) a red pony named Gabilan, Tom turns to their ranch hand (Robert Mitchum) for support and advice. Meanwhile, Strudwick’s wife’s (Myrna Loy) garrulous father (Louis Calhern) won’t stop talking […]

Pearl, The (Perla, La) (1948)

Note: This movie was filmed simultaneously in both English and Spanish; while Peary lists the English-titled version in his GFTFF, I chose to watch the Spanish-language version with English subtitles. “Pearls give you richness, but they also give you grief.” Synopsis: When a Mexican fisherman named Quino (Pedro Armendariz) finds a large pearl while diving […]

Private Parts (1972)

“Look at me — I’m going to pieces! I can’t even work anymore.” Synopsis: After being thrown out of her apartment for spying on her roommate (Ann Gibbs), an intrepid young woman (Ayn Ruymen) goes to live in her aunt’s (Lucille Benson) rundown hotel in L.A., where a creepy photographer (John Ventantonio) spies on her. […]

Flashdance (1983)

“You go out there and the music starts, and you begin to feel it, and your body just starts to move.” Synopsis: A welder and club dancer (Jennifer Beals) hoping to audition for the Pittsburgh Ballet Company dates her boss (Michael Nouri) while supporting her friends in their dreams of professional ice skating (Sunny Johnson) […]

They Knew What They Wanted (1940)

“There’s good people in the world, and there’s the other kind — the kind that go away.” Synopsis: When a wealthy Italian grape farmer (Charles Laughton) in Napa Valley becomes smitten with a beautiful waitress (Carole Lombard) in San Francisco, he asks his handsome friend (William Gargan) to help him write letters to her and […]

Talk of the Town, The (1942)

“My business is with the principles of law. I can’t allow myself to get mixed up in these little local affairs.” Synopsis: When a Supreme Court nominee (Ronald Colman) comes to stay in a country house run by a schoolteacher (Jean Arthur) harboring a falsely accused fugitive from justice (Cary Grant), he finds his belief […]