Peyton Place (1957)

“It’s about time you learned that girls want to do the same things as boys.” Synopsis: When a new high school principal (Michael Rossi) arrives in the New England town of Peyton Place, he quickly expresses romantic interest in a local widow (Lana Turner) whose daughter (Diane Varsi) is dating a shy, mother-dominated boy (Russ […]

Kitty Foyle (1940)

“A woman can always tell when a man is going to propose.” Synopsis: When the daughter (Ginger Rogers) of a working-class Irish-American (Ernest Cossart) is proposed to by a kind doctor (James Craig), she reflects upon her long-held feelings for an upper-crust publisher (Dennis Morgan) who has suddenly re-entered her life. Genres: Cross-Class Romance Flashback […]

Kid Galahad / Battling Bellhop, The (1937)

“Did you ever see a bellhop who didn’t want to be a fighter?” Synopsis: A boxing manager (Edward G. Robinson) in continuous rivalry with a menacing gangster (Humphrey Bogart) signs on with a handsome and promising bellhop nicknamed “Kid Galahad” (Wayne Morris), but is distressed when his girlfriend (Bette Davis) falls for Galahad and Galahad […]

Watch on the Rhine (1943)

“I do what must be done. That is what I know how to do.” Synopsis: During World War II, a German-born engineer and resistance fighter (Paul Lukas) travels to America with his wife (Bette Davis) and three kids (Donald Buka, Janis Wilson, and Eric Roberts) to live in the home of his widowed mother-in-law (Lucile […]

Carrie (1952)

“I’m still rich — I’ve got my love for you!” Synopsis: A poor country girl (Jennifer Jones) moves to the city of Chicago, where she ends up living with a man (Eddie Albert) who vaguely intends to marry her one day. When she falls in love with a wealthy gentleman (Laurence Olivier), Jones thinks her […]

Jezebel (1938)

“Marriage, is it? To that washed out little Yankee? Pres is mine — he’s always been mine!” Synopsis: A headstrong Southern belle (Bette Davis) jeopardizes her engagement to a conservative banker (Henry Fonda) by scandalously wearing a red dress to a ball, then experiences extreme jealousy when he marries a woman (Margaret Lindsay) from up […]

Portrait of Jennie (1948)

“There ought to be something timeless about a woman — something eternal.” Synopsis: Shortly after selling a painting to two art curators (Cecil Kellaway and Ethel Barrymore), a penniless painter (Joseph Cotten) meets a mysterious young girl (Jennifer Jones) from another era who becomes his muse and his would-be lover. Genres: Artists Cecil Kellaway Films […]

Little Foxes, The (1941)

“The Lord forgives those who invent what they need.” Synopsis: A Southern aristocrat (Bette Davis) and her two independently wealthy brothers (Charles Dingle and Carl Benton Reid) will stop at nothing to convince Davis’s unwell husband (Herbert Marshall) to invest in a business deal — including attempting to marry Reid’s irresponsible son (Dan Duryea) to […]

Purple Heart, The (1944)

“They claim we bombed and machine-gunned civilians, and are not entitled to be considered prisoners of war!” Synopsis: A group of bomber pilots led by Captain Ross (Dana Andrews) is captured by the Japanese during World War II and put on civilian trial for murder, while international journalists are invited to watch. Will Andrews and […]

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

“The diary, the diary… If it hadn’t been for that damned diary!” Synopsis: The owner (Eva Bartok) and manager (Cameron Mitchell) of a haute couture fashion salon attempt to figure out the identity of a masked killer brutally murdering their models. Genres: Horror Films Mario Bava Films Models Murder Mystery Serial Killer Review: After his […]