Conqueror Worm, The / Witchfinder General, The (1968)

“Men sometimes have strange motives for the things they do.” Synopsis: When a cavalry soldier (Ian Ogilvy) in 17th century England learns that infamous witchfinder Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) and his sadistic assistant John Stearne (Robert Russell) have descended upon the household of his fiancee (Hilary Dwyer) and her uncle (Rupert Davies), he vows revenge […]

Strange Cargo (1940)

“There’s nothing a man can’t get through to be free!” Synopsis: A convict (Clark Gable) escapes from a French penal colony with a small group of fellow prisoners — including a calm, Christ-like figure (Ian Hunter) — accompanied by a prostitite (Joan Crawford) eager to get away from a weaselly informer (Peter Lorre). Genres: Clark […]

Gunga Din (1939)

“Come on, Din — the world is ours!” Synopsis: In 1890s colonial-era India, a treasure-seeking sergeant (Cary Grant) is sent with an aspiring water bearer named Gunga Din (Sam Jaffe) to investigate a mysterious lack of communication from an outpost. When Grant is captured by the leader (Eduardo Cianelli) of a criminal sect known as […]

Honeymoon Killers, The (1970)

“No woman’s going to support me!” Synopsis: An overweight nurse (Shirley Stoler) falls in love with a gigolo (Tony Lo Bianco) she meets through a Lonely Hearts club, and soon begins posing as his sister on trips to bilk lonely women — but how long can they get away with their scheme, especially when it […]

Yentl (1983)

“Why is it people who want the truth never believe it when they hear it?” Synopsis: In early 20th century Eastern Europe, a young woman named Yentl (Barbra Streisand) — whose father (Nehemiah Persoff) has secretly taught her to read sacred literature — disguises herself as a boy named ‘Anshel’ and leaves her village to […]

Lenny (1974)

“The point — the point is the suppression of words. Now, dig.” Synopsis: The life of controversial comic Lenny Bruce (Dustin Hoffman) is told in flashback by his ex-wife (Valerie Perrine), mother (Jan Miner), and agent (Stanley Beck). Genres: Biopics Bob Fosse Films Dustin Hoffman Films Flashback Films Marital Problems Morality Police Stand-Up Comedy Response […]

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

“The gods want their entertainment.” Synopsis: In ancient Greece, Jason (Todd Armstrong) gathers together a group of strong and talented “argonauts” — including Hercules (Nigel Green) — to accompany him on a quest for a “golden fleece”, and eventually falls in love with the sorceress Medea (Nancy Kovack). Along the way he’s aided by Queen […]

In Cold Blood (1967)

“If this can happen to a decent, God-fearing family, who’s safe anymore?” Synopsis: Two sociopathic ex-convicts (Robert Blake and Scott Wilson) planning to rob a safe in the home of a Kansas businessman (John McLiam) end up murdering McLiam and his wife (Ruth Storey) and two kids (Brenda Currin and Paul Hough), leaving no witnesses […]

Hellcats of the Navy (1957)

“It’s a question of your confidence in my judgment.” Synopsis: When a submarine commander (Ronald Reagan) makes a tough call in allowing an officer to die rather than subjecting his entire crew to danger, his colleague (Arthur Franz) believes Reagan was motivated by the officer’s dalliance with his fiancee (Nancy Davis). Genres: Military Ronald Reagan […]

Mighty Joe Young (1949)

“Am I dreaming, or did I see a gorilla and a beautiful dame?” Synopsis: A nightclub owner (Robert Armstrong) convinces a young woman (Terry Moore) living in Africa to come to Hollywood with her giant ape, Joe, and perform in shows with a rodeo star (Ben Johnson) — but will Joe adjust to life on […]