King Kong (1933)

“Cover your eyes and scream, Ann — scream for your life!” Synopsis: Intrepid director Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) hires a destitute woman named Ann (Fay Wray) to travel with him to Skull Island, where he hopes to encounter and film a mythic creature known as Kong. Ann falls in love with the ship’s first mate […]

Petrified Forest, The (1936)

“There’s something in me that wants something different.” Synopsis: A penniless writer (Leslie Howard) stops at a roadside diner and becomes enamored with a poetic waitress (Bette Davis) who longs for a more exciting and romantic life. When notorious gangster Duke Mantee (Humphrey Bogart) and his men arrive and hold the diner’s inhabitants hostage, both […]

Body and Soul (1947)

“Everything is addition or subtraction — the rest is conversation.” Synopsis: An amateur boxer (John Garfield) goes against the wishes of his mother (Anne Revere) when agreeing to work for a corrupt promoter (Lloyd Gough) in hopes of earning enough money to marry his artist-sweetheart (Lilli Palmer) — but will Garfield be able to resist […]

Women, The (1939)

“I knew this sort of thing happened to other people — but I never dreamed it could happen to us!” Synopsis: When a wife (Norma Shearer) learns her husband has been stolen by a ruthless golddigger (Joan Crawford), she files for divorce and soon finds herself in similar company with many of her friends — […]

Loving (1970)

“Do it your own way, your own style — have fun with it. “ Synopsis: A commercial illustrator (George Segal) hoping to land an account with a local business owner (Sterling Hayden) cheats on his wife (Eva Marie Saint) with his friend’s niece (Janis Young) while flirting with his neighbor’s sex-crazed wife (Nancie Phillips). Genres: […]