Eye of the Needle (1981)

“Find him, Godliman — it could cost us the bloody war.” Synopsis: When a ruthless Nazi spy (Donald Sutherland) is shipwrecked on an isolated island, he embarks on an affair with the wife (Kate Nelligan) of a disabled sheepherder (Christopher Cazenove) — but what will happen when Nelligan finds out Sutherland’s true identity? Genres: Donald […]

Quiet American, The (1958)

“Don’t worry — I have no politics.” Synopsis: A British journalist (Michael Redgrave) in 1950s Vietnam is confronted by ethical dilemmas when an American CIA agent (Audie Murphy) arrives and falls in love with his mistress, Phuong (Giorgia Moll). Genres: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Films Journalists Literature Adaptation Love Triangle Michael Redgrave Films Vietnam War Review: […]

Tales of Ordinary Madness (1981)

“Ever heard the sound of one mouth screaming? I had, for years — my own.” Synopsis: An alcoholic poet (Ben Gazarra) in Los Angeles hooks up with a random woman (Susan Tyrrell) on the bus, then falls for a beautiful but self-harming and suicidal prostitute (Ornella Muti). Genres: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Ben Gazarra Films […]

Informer, The (1935)

“Where’d ya get it, Gypo? There’s enough there to choke a horse!” Synopsis: In 1920s Dublin, a former IRA member (Victor McLaglen) desperate to help his prostitute girlfriend (Margot Grahame) get off the streets and over to America betrays his best friend (Wallace Ford) to the Black and Tans for 20 pounds. Genres: Betrayal Informers […]

Knock on Any Door (1949)

“Look, he’s a bad, weak kid!” Synopsis: A lawyer (Humphrey Bogart) recounts the story of a young man (John Derek) on trial for murder, whose challenging history in the slums has led him towards despair and criminality. Genres: Courtroom Drama Flashback Films Humphrey Bogart Films Juvenile Delinquents Lawyers Nicholas Ray Films Response to Peary‚Äôs Review: […]

Son of Kong, The (1933)

“Believe it or not, there’s a little Kong!” Synopsis: Wracked with guilt and looming debt, King Kong’s promoter (Robert Armstrong) joins his friend (Frank Reicher) on a sailing expedition, where he meets a beautiful runaway orphan (Helen Mack) and learns about hidden treasure on Skull Island from the unscrupulous man (John Marston) who gave him […]

Rich and Strange / East of Shanghai (1931)

“Damn the pictures and the wireless. I want some life — life, I tell you!” Synopsis: When a bored accountant (Henry Kendall) receives an unexpected inheritance, he and his wife (Joan Barry) travel to Paris and then on an ocean liner, where Kendall falls for a seductive princess (Betty Amann) and Barry becomes enamored with […]

Story of Louis Pasteur, The (1936)

“Remember our aim: find the microbe, kill the microbe!” Synopsis: In 18th century France, chemist Louis Pasteur (Paul Muni) — with support from his loving wife (Josephine Hutchins) and daughter (Anita Louise) — ignores the criticisms of a skeptical doctor (Fritz Leiber) while developing a vaccine against anthrax and a cure for rabies. Genres: Biopics […]

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)

“With one bloody blow, I killed all that I loved on God’s earth.” Synopsis: An archaeologist (Harold Warrender) at a Spanish port town recounts the story of a seductive singer (Ava Gardner) who causes one suitor (Marius Goring) to commit suicide and another (Nigel Patrick) to ruin his beloved race car on her behalf, then […]

Good Fairy, The (1935)

“Where does the pencil sharpener come in?” Synopsis: When a smitten millionaire (Frank Morgan) aggressively pursues a young orphan (Margaret Sullavan), she claims to have a husband and Morgan agrees to secretly make him rich on Louisa’s behalf. Sullavan picks a random lawyer (Herbert Marshall) out of the phone book and pretends she’s married to […]