Million, Le (1931)

“Did you get the ticket?” Synopsis: A penniless artist (Rene Lefevre) caught flirting with his client (Vanda Greville) is excited to learn from his friend (Louis Allibert) that one of them has won the lottery, but is quickly dismayed to learn that his fiancee (Annabella) has given Lefevre’s coat — which contains the winning ticket […]

Countess From Hong Kong, A (1967)

“There’s no excuse for many things in this world.” Synopsis: When an ambassador (Marlon Brando) onboard a ship from Hong Kong to America finds a penniless and stateless stowaway countess (Sophie Loren) in his cabin, his friend (Sydney Chaplin) assists him in keeping her presence a secret — but what will happen when Brando’s wife […]

Limelight (1952)

“Life is a desire, not a meaning.” Synopsis: In 1914 London, a washed-up, alcoholic clown (Charlie Chaplin) saves a despondent young ballerina (Claire Bloom) from killing herself, and she soon falls in love with him. As Bloom’s career begins to take off, Chaplin’s fails to resuscitate; meanwhile, Bloom insists she wants to marry Chaplin rather […]

Modern Times (1936)

“We’ll get a home, even if I have to work for it.” Synopsis: An over-worked factory employee (Charlie Chaplin) suffers a nervous breakdown and is sent to the hospital. Upon emerging, he is instantly arrested as a Communist agitator and sent to prison, where his bravery in stopping a jail break earns him special privileges. […]

Anna Christie (1930)

“It’s all a man’s fault, giving you the wrong start.” Synopsis: A tugboat captain (George F. Marion) asks his alcoholic mistress (Marie Dressler) to move off his boat when he learns his grown daughter (Greta Garbo) — who he hasn’t seen since she was a young child – is coming to visit him. Garbo keeps […]

Great Dictator, The (1940)

“We can’t fight alone — but we can lick ’em together!” Synopsis: A shell-shocked Jewish barber (Charlie Chaplin) returns 20 years after World War I to his village, which is overrun by anti-semitic soldiers. He actively protests alongside a feisty maid (Paulette Goddard) he’s fallen in love with; meanwhile, their country’s tyrannical dictator, Adenoid Hynkel […]

City Lights (1931)

“Thank you for your kindness, sir.” Synopsis: A noble tramp (Charlie Chaplin) falls in love with a blind flower-girl (Virginia Cherrill) and saves the life of a drunk, suicidal millionaire (Harry Myers) who quickly befriends him, but forgets he knows him once sober. Can Chaplin earn the money to help Cherrill pay for a sight-restoring […]

Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)

“Be reasonable, my child. You don’t have a shirt on your back.” Synopsis: The virginal daughter (Louise Brooks) of a pharmacist (Josef Rovensky) is raped and impregnated by his business associate (Fritz Rasp), then sent by her father and his new housemaid-turned-wife (Franziska Kinz) to a reform school run by a pair of sadists (Andrews […]

Disraeli (1929)

“I say he’s a dreamer — a dangerous visionary.” Synopsis: British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli (George Arliss) receives support from his loving wife (Florence Arliss) while attempting to purchase the Suez Canal. Meanwhile, he craftily prevents a Russian spy (Doris Lloyd) from passing along state secrets, and encourages a young nobleman (Anthony Bushell) to act […]

Sugarland Express, The (1974)

“No more runnin’ off, no more speedin’, and no more guns. Now what do you say to that?” Synopsis: A mother (Goldie Hawn) recently released from prison convinces her about-to-be-released husband (William Atherton) to go on the lam and retrieve their young son from his foster parents. During their escape, they take a patrol officer […]