Countess From Hong Kong, A (1967)

“There’s no excuse for many things in this world.” Synopsis: When an ambassador (Marlon Brando) onboard a ship from Hong Kong to America finds a penniless and stateless stowaway countess (Sophie Loren) in his cabin, his friend (Sydney Chaplin) assists him in keeping her presence a secret — but what will happen when Brando’s wife […]

Limelight (1952)

“Life is a desire, not a meaning.” Synopsis: In 1914 London, a washed-up, alcoholic clown (Charlie Chaplin) saves a despondent young ballerina (Claire Bloom) from killing herself, and she soon falls in love with him. As Bloom’s career begins to take off, Chaplin’s fails to resuscitate; meanwhile, Bloom insists she wants to marry Chaplin rather […]

Modern Times (1936)

“We’ll get a home, even if I have to work for it.” Synopsis: An over-worked factory employee (Charlie Chaplin) suffers a nervous breakdown and is sent to the hospital. Upon emerging, he is instantly arrested as a Communist agitator and sent to prison, where his bravery in stopping a jail break earns him special privileges. […]

Anna Christie (1930)

“It’s all a man’s fault, giving you the wrong start.” Synopsis: A tugboat captain (George F. Marion) asks his alcoholic mistress (Marie Dressler) to move off his boat when he learns his grown daughter (Greta Garbo) — who he hasn’t seen since she was a young child – is coming to visit him. Garbo keeps […]

Great Dictator, The (1940)

“We can’t fight alone — but we can lick ’em together!” Synopsis: A shell-shocked Jewish barber (Charlie Chaplin) returns 20 years after World War I to his village, which is overrun by anti-semitic soldiers. He actively protests alongside a feisty maid (Paulette Goddard) he’s fallen in love with; meanwhile, their country’s tyrannical dictator, Adenoid Hynkel […]

City Lights (1931)

“Thank you for your kindness, sir.” Synopsis: A noble tramp (Charlie Chaplin) falls in love with a blind flower-girl (Virginia Cherrill) and saves the life of a drunk, suicidal millionaire (Harry Myers) who quickly befriends him, but forgets he knows him once sober. Can Chaplin earn the money to help Cherrill pay for a sight-restoring […]

Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)

“Be reasonable, my child. You don’t have a shirt on your back.” Synopsis: The virginal daughter (Louise Brooks) of a pharmacist (Josef Rovensky) is raped and impregnated by his business associate (Fritz Rasp), then sent by her father and his new housemaid-turned-wife (Franziska Kinz) to a reform school run by a pair of sadists (Andrews […]

Disraeli (1929)

“I say he’s a dreamer — a dangerous visionary.” Synopsis: British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli (George Arliss) receives support from his loving wife (Florence Arliss) while attempting to purchase the Suez Canal. Meanwhile, he craftily prevent a Russian spy (Doris Lloyd) from passing along state secrets, and encourages a young nobleman (Anthony Bushell) to act […]

Sugarland Express, The (1974)

“No more runnin’ off, no more speedin’, and no more guns. Now what do you say to that?” Synopsis: A mother (Goldie Hawn) recently released from prison convinces her about-to-be-released husband (William Atherton) to go on the lam and retrieve their young son from his foster parents. During their escape, they take a patrol officer […]

Big House, The (1930)

“The whole prison system is cockeyed!” Synopsis: A man (Robert Montgomery) in prison for manslaughter is bunked with a petty thief (Chester Morris) and a burly inmate (Wallace Beery) who dreams of escape. During a brief stint on the lam, Morris falls for Montgomery’s sister (Leila Hyams) — but when he’s caught and re-sentenced, he […]