What Price Hollywood? (1932)

“We don’t live in the same world!” Synopsis: A waitress (Constance Bennett) hoping to make it big in Hollywood convinces an alcoholic director (Lowell Sherman) to take a chance on her, and soon her star is on the rise — but her new husband (Neil Hamilton) quickly tires of her hectic schedule, and gossip emerges […]

Scarface, The Shame of the Nation (1932)

“Colorful?! What color is a crawling louse?” Synopsis: A ruthless aspiring ganglord (Paul Muni) zealously protects his young sister (Ann Dvorak) from suitors while wooing the sultry mistress (Karen Morley) of his boss (Osgood Perkins); meanwhile, with help from his loyal henchman (George Raft), he wreaks murderous havoc on rival gangsters while attempting to take […]

Shampoo (1975)

“Women can get to be an occupational hazard.” Synopsis: A hairdresser (Warren Beatty) lies to and cheats on his steady girlfriend (Goldie Hawn) while bedding the wife (Lee Grant), daughter (Carrie Fisher), and mistress (Julie Christie) of the man (Jack Warden) he’s hoping to secure funding from to open his own salon. Genres: Goldie Hawn […]

Black Sabbath (1964)

“There’s no fooling around with ghosts, because they take revenge!” Synopsis: Boris Karloff introduces a trio of horror stories about a woman (Michele Mercier) seeking solace from an estranged friend (Lydia Alfonsi) while she’s menaced by an ex-lover threatening to kill her; a patriarch (Boris Karloff) returning to his family home and bringing a dreaded […]

Champ, The (1931)

“He’s got plenty of environment right here.” Synopsis: An alcoholic, gambling-addicted boxer (Wallace Beery) struggles to provide a decent life for his son Dink (Jackie Cooper) — however, when Dink’s long-lost mother (Irene Rich) suddenly reappears in his life, a custody battle ensues. Genres: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Boxing Father and Child Has-Beens King Vidor […]

A Nous la Liberte (1931)

“In life, liberty is all that counts.” Synopsis: A convict (Raymond Cordy) escapes prison with the help of his buddy (Henri Marchand) and quickly establishes himself as a phonograph factory magnate. Once Marchand catches up with Cordy, he falls in love with a beautiful secretary (Rolla France) at the factory, hoping to win her heart. […]

Front Page, The (1931)

“So, you’re leaving me for marriage. Why?” Synopsis: A wily editor (Adolphe Menjou) tries to prevent his star journalist (Pat O’Brien) from marrying his sweetheart (Mary Brian) by luring him into investigating a story about a cop-killer (George E. Stone) due to be hung that evening. Genres: Adolphe Menjou Films Career versus Marriage Journalists Lewis […]

Public Enemy (1931)

“Why, that dirty, no-good, yellow-bellied stool!” Synopsis: When a young hoodlum (Jimmy Cagney) and his friend (Edward Woods) are betrayed by their fence (Murray Kinnell), they join forces during Prohibition with a bootlegger (Robert Emmett O’Connor) and a wealthy gangster (Leslie Fenton). Cagney’s straight-laced brother (Donald Cook) disapproves of Cagney’s career choice, while his sweet […]

Monsieur Verdoux (1947)

“Don’t believe too much: this is a ruthless world, and one must be ruthless to cope with it.” Synopsis: In Depression-era Paris, a former bank teller (Charlie Chaplin) with an invalid wife (Mady Corell) and young son (Allison Roddan) has a dark record of secretly marrying and murdering wealthy women. While plotting to kill one […]

Little Caesar (1931)

“Can’t you just forget about me?” Synopsis: A small-time hood named Rico (Edward G. Robinson) rises to prominence as a gangster, but is frustrated when his best friend (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) chooses a life with his new dancing partner (Glenda Farrell) over crime. Genres: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Films Edward G. Robinson Films Gangsters Mervyn LeRoy […]