Blob, The (1958)

“I don’t know what this is — but it’s got to be killed before it gets any bigger!” Synopsis: When a dating couple (Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut) encounter an elderly man (Olin Howland) whose arm is covered with a gooey substance, they seek assistance from a local doctor (Steven Chase) and his nurse (Lee […]

On Approval (1944)

“Poor George — it must be very sad coming back to your own house as a guest.” Synopsis: A penniless Brit (Roland Culver) attends a soiree hosted at the house of his poverty-stricken friend, the Duke of Bristol (Clive Brook), which Brook is renting to a young American heiress (Googie Withers). A wealthy widow (Beatrice […]

Mystery of Picasso, The (1956)

“To understand what goes in a painter’s mind, you need to follow his hand.” Synopsis: Director Henri-Georges Clouzot and cinematographer Claude Renoir (with a soundtrack by Georges Auric) film Pablo Picasso making — and remaking — a series of unique drawings and paintings. Genres: Artists Documentary Henri-Georges Clouzot Films Review: Anyone reasonably interested in the […]

Dishonored (1931)

“I am a soldier — but you bring something into war that doesn’t belong in it. You trick men into death with your body.” Synopsis: The head of the Austrian Secret Service (Gustav von Seyffertitz) enlists a prostitute (Marlene Dietrich) to serve as a spy against the Russians, and successfully corners a man (Warner Oland) […]

Scarlet Empress, The (1934)

“It must be cold — at night…” Synopsis: A naive German princess (Marlene Dietrich) is sent to marry the “cruel, cowardly half-wit” nephew (Sam Jaffe) of the Russian empress (Louise Dressler), and charged with producing a male heir — which she does, though not by Jaffe, who she can’t stand. When Dressler’s health begins to […]

Devil is a Woman, The (1935)

“That woman has ice where others have a heart.” Synopsis: A seductive cigarette factory worker (Marlene Dietrich) captures the heart of a captain (Lionel Atwill), who tries to warn his young friend (Cesar Romero) that Concha (Dietrich) will break his heart as well — but neither man can resist her lure. Genres: Cesar Romero Films […]

Help! (1965)

“We’re risking our lives to preserve a useless member.” Synopsis: With help from his beautiful assistant (Eleanor Bron), an eastern cult leader (Leo McKern) attempts to capture a musician (Ringo Starr) wearing a special ring needed to complete a human sacrifice — but the stubbornly magical ring refuses to come off Ringo’s finger. Soon Ringo […]

Let it Be (1970)

“Yeah, okay, well — I don’t mind. I’ll play, you know, whatever you want me to play.” Synopsis: Tensions are high as the Beatles craft music together and perform a final rooftop concert in London. Genres: Beatles Films Concert Films Documentary Musicians Review: This infamously downbeat documentary about the Beatles rehearsing for what would be […]

Hard Day’s Night, A (1964)

“Now look, I’ve had a marvelous idea: just for once, let’s all try to behave like ordinary, respectable citizens.” Synopsis: The Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr) travel by train to a televised concert, accompanied by Paul’s mischievous grandfather (Wilfrid Brambell) and hoards of adoring young fans. When the band’s managers, […]

Jazz Singer, The (1927)

“Wait a minute, wait a minute — you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” Synopsis: The son of a Jewish cantor (Warner Oland) rejects his upbringing in favor of making a name for himself on Broadway, and falls in love with a beautiful dancer (May McAvoy). However, when his beloved mother (Eugenie Besserer) begs him to return […]