Grand Hotel (1932)

“I’d like to take you in my arms, and not let anything happen to you — ever.” Synopsis: In a ritzy Berlin hotel, a down-on-his-luck thief (John Barrymore) falls in love with a lonely ballerina (Greta Garbo) whose pearls he originally intended to steal. Meanwhile, a plucky secretary (Joan Crawford) accepts work with a womanizing […]

Arthur (1981)

“Grow up, Arthur — you’d make a fine adult.” Synopsis: An alcoholic playboy (Dudley Moore) is forced by his stern great-aunt (Geraldine Fitzgerald) and father (Thomas Barbour) to marry an heiress (Jill Eikenberry) with a domineering dad (Stephen Elliott) or lose his fortune — however, when he falls in love with a quirky waitress (Liza […]

Eagle and the Hawk, The (1933)

“I didn’t expect to be a chauffeur to a graveyard, driving men to their death day after day!” Synopsis: An American fighter pilot (Fredric March) refuses to fly with a reconnaissance photographer (Cary Grant) who he believes is overly eager to shoot down the enemy. Genres: Airplanes and Pilots Carole Lombard Films Cary Grant Films […]

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

“I don’t see how you could ever get old, in a world that’s always young.” Synopsis: A shy schoolmaster (Robert Donat) gains a new lease on life when he marries a beautiful woman (Greer Garson) he meets while vacationing in Germany, and quickly becomes a vital fixture at his venerable school, Brookfield Academy. Genres: Greer […]

Private Benjamin (1980)

“I think they sent me to the wrong place.” Synopsis: A young widow (Goldie Hawn) whose husband (Albert Brooks) died on their wedding night listens to advice from a military recruiter (Harry Dean Stanton) on the radio and decides to turn her life around by joining the army. After initial shock and some ribbing by […]

Pilgrimage (1933)

“All right, son: if you love her, you can’t love me.” Synopsis: A domineering widow (Henrietta Crosman) is so disapproving of her son (Norman Foster) dating a girl (Marion Nixon) from “across the tracks” that she signs her son up to fight in World War I, where he’s killed. Years later, Crosman refuses to interact […]

Count of Monte Cristo, The (1934)

“It was not my sword, Mondego, but your past that disarmed you!” Synopsis: During the time of Napoleon’s exile, a falsely accused sailor (Robert Donat) escapes from a dungeon with the help of his secret cellmate (O.P. Heggle), who tells him about hidden treasure on the deserted island of Monte Cristo. Donat emerges under a […]

Desire (1936)

“All I know about you is… you stole my car, and I’m insane about you.” Synopsis: A long-con diamond thief (Marlene Dietrich) falls in love with an American (Gary Cooper) vacationing in Spain. Will she go straight to be with him, or stick to a life of crime with her business partner (John Halliday)? Genres: […]

My Sister Eileen (1955)

“Oh, they were interested — but not in my acting.” Synopsis: A writer (Betty Garrett) and her aspiring-actress sister Eileen (Janet Leigh) move to New York City and are convinced by a Greek landlord (Kurt Kaszner) to rent a basement apartment next to an out-of-work wrestler (Dick York) and his girlfriend (Lucy Marlow). Busty Eileen […]

Monster on the Campus (1958)

“Man is not only capable of change, but man alone — among all living creatures — can change the direction in which that will take place.” Synopsis: A professor (Arthur Franz) who receives a rare prehistoric fish is puzzled when the dog owned by his research assistant (Troy Donahue) suddenly becomes wild after drinking the […]