Samson and Delilah (1949)

“The oldest trick in the world: silk trap, baited with a woman.” Synopsis: During his marriage to a golden-haired Philistine named Semadar (Angela Lansbury), a supernaturally strong Hebrew named Samson (Victor Mature) begins a fight with guests over a gambling debts, which leads to Lansbury’s death. Samson — an active fighter against the Philistines, and […]

Lured (1947)

“There’s a homicidal maniac loose somewhere in the vast honeycomb of London — a man with a weakness for pretty girls.” Synopsis: A showgirl (Lucille Ball) is hired by a detective (Charles Coburn) at Scotland Yard to track down a mysterious serial killer who solicits beautiful girls through personal ads. Thankfully, she’s shadowed by a […]

Northwest Mounted Police (1940)

“Blood – you won’t notice it much; those Northwest mounted police wear red coats.” Synopsis: A Texas ranger (Gary Cooper) hoping to arrest a murderous trapper (George Bancroft) travels to the northwest prairies of Canada, where he encounters a band of mounted police about to fight a rebellion by native peoples and “half-breed” locals led […]

Great Gatsby, The (1949)

“If a smart man sees something he wants, he just stakes his claim to it!” Synopsis: A bonds salesman (Macdonald Carey) recounts the story of his second cousin, Daisy Buchanan (Betty Field), who married a womanizing wealthy man (Barry Sullivan) rather than wait for her true love — Jay Gatsby (Alan Ladd) — to return […]