Hallelujah I’m a Bum! (1933)

“It belongs to the lady, and I’m going to return it!” Synopsis: A happily work-free “king of the tramps” (Al Jolson) in New York City falls in love with an amnesia-suffering beauty (Madge Evans) after returning her pocketbook to her — but Bumper’s (Jolson’s) loyalties shift when he learns “Angel” (Evans) is the girlfriend of […]

Wichita (1955)

“That’s a natural-born lawman if I ever saw one.” Synopsis: Sharpshooter Wyatt Earp (Joel McCrea) enters Wichita, Kansas hoping to start a business, but quickly becomes lured into work as a marshall after a fatal night of lawless shooting. When Earp, with support from rookie reporter Bat Masterson (Keith Larsen), implements a ban on privately […]

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

“Why wouldn’t I be legally justified in killing the man who raped my wife?” Synopsis: With the help of his tippling friend (Arthur O’Connell) and loyal secretary (Eve Arden), a small-town lawyer (Jimmy Stewart) agrees to defend an army lieutenant (Ben Gazzara) accused of murdering the barkeeper who raped his wife (Lee Remick). Will Gazzara’s […]

It Came From Outer Space (1953)

“Facts, John — facts!” Synopsis: An astronomer (Richard Carlson) in the desert witnesses a meteor crash, but only his girlfriend (Barbara Rush) believes his story of seeing a spacecraft landing under the earth. As locals — including two telephone linemen (Joe Sawyer and Russell Johnson) — become possessed by the aliens in duplicate bodies, Carlson […]

Horn Blows at Midnight, The (1945)

“You’re driving me right into the hot girdle business!” Synopsis: A trumpeter (Jack Benny) on a late-night-radio show falls asleep and dreams he is an angel named Athaneael sent on a special mission by his supervisor (Guy McKibbee) to destroy the planet Earth. Benny is foiled in his first attempt by two fallen angels (Allyn […]

Blood Simple (1984)

“Never point a gun at anyone, unless you mean to shoot him. And if you shoot him, you better make sure he’s dead.” Synopsis: A controlling bar owner (Dan Hedaya) hires a sadistic private investigator (M. Emmet Walsh) to kill both his wife (Frances McDormand) and the bartender (John Getz) she’s been having an affair […]

Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, The (1971)

“Those experiments — they just mean more to him than I do.” Synopsis: The friend (Casey Kasem) of a woman (Pat Priest) recently married to a mentally ill surgeon (Bruce Dern) is distressed to learn that Dern and his assistant (Berry Kroeger) are running secret experiments with animals, grafting two heads onto one body. When […]

Hey Good Lookin’ (1982)

“I’m callin’ for a rumble with the Chaplains to protect our honor!” Synopsis: In 1950s Brooklyn, a couple of hoods named Vinnie (Richard Romanus) and Crazy (David Proval) romance a busty babe (Tina Bowman) and her plump girlfriend (Jesse Welles) while gearing up for a rumble with rival gang members. Genres: Animated Features Gangs Juvenile […]

Is There Sex After Death? (1971)

“Isn’t the orgasm what we’re all looking for?” Synopsis: A doctor of sexology (Alan Abel) drives around New York City in his Sexmobile, investigating various people’s perspectives on sex. Genres: Satires and Spoofs Sexuality Review: Renowned hoaxster Alan Abel helmed this satirical pastiche about the impact of the sexual revolution, deftly mixing seemingly-real “man on […]