China 9, Liberty 37 (1978)

Hello, CMBA members! I’m happy to be participating in the Classic Movie Blog Association’s Fall “Outlaws” blogathon. If you’re new to my site, please click here to read more. Welcome! “I am a gunfighter; you are a woman between husbands.” Synopsis: A gunslinger (Fabio Testi) is rescued from hanging by agreeing to kill a man […]

Outlaw, The (1943)

“Ever since you met him, you’ve treated me like a dog!” Synopsis: Doc Holliday (Walter Huston) befriends Billy the Kid (Jack Beutel) while alienating his buddy Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell). Huston and Beutel spar over not only Huston’s horse, but his mistress (Jane Russell), who initially hates Beutel for killing her brother yet soon falls […]

Mrs. Miniver (1942)

“He’s young and he loves life, but he may die — any day, any hour.” Synopsis: A British mother (Greer Garson) copes with the stress of her husband (Walter Pidgeon) helping with local war efforts, and her oldest son (Richard Ney) becoming an RAF pilot while romancing the granddaughter (Teresa Wright) of local nobility (Dame […]

Crime in the Streets (1956)

“We’re not talking about wild animals — we’re talking about tough, angry kids.” Synopsis: After a gangland rumble between the Hornets and the the Dukes, a neighbor (Malcolm Atterbury) reports a member of the Hornets (Jimmy Ogg) to the police, and he’s sent to jail. The Hornets’ leader, Frankie (John Cassavetes), plots to get back […]

Marked Woman (1937)

“I’ll get you — even if I have to crawl back from my grave to do it!” Synopsis: A nightclub hostess (Bette Davis) in a “clip joint” — whose college-going sister (Jane Bryan) believes Davis is simply a model — becomes caught up in a case against her corrupt boss (Eduardo Cianelli) led by an […]

Take Me Out To the Ball Game (1949)

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be married to a girl who played baseball?” Synopsis: Near the beginning of the 20th century, a pair of vaudeville performers (Gene Kelly and Sinatra) take a break from the stage while playing baseball for a team — The Wolves — newly acquired by a sports-loving female (Esther Williams). An […]

Devil and Miss Jones, The (1941)

“I watch the little ants scurrying around and I know each is going to get his just dessert.” Synopsis: A crusty millionaire (Charles Coburn) goes undercover as a shoe clerk at his own department store, intending to ferret out the leaders behind a nascent labor movement. However, as he gets to know a kind colleague […]

Glenn Miller Story, The (1954)

“It’s funny how you can miss a person even before he’s gone.” Synopsis: Bandleader Glenn Miller (Jimmy Stewart) romances his sweetheart (June Allyson) and — with her ongoing support — slowly achieves worldwide success as a unique musical talent. Genres: Anthony Mann Films Biopics Composers Jimmy Stewart Films June Allyson Films Musicians Review: Anthony Mann’s […]

Blackboard Jungle (1955)

“This is the garbage can of the educational system.” Synopsis: A high school English teacher (Glenn Ford) with a pregnant wife (Anne Francis) is determined to survive his new job at a school with challenging discipline problems, including those led by a sullen and violent teen (Vic Morrow). Can Mr. Dadier (Ford) rely on a […]

Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

“Die the way you lived — all of a sudden. That’s the way to go. Don’t drag it out.” Synopsis: After their parents die in a tragic accident at sea, two boys — one rambunctious (Mickey Rooney), the other studious (Jimmy Butler) — become lifelong friends while taking radically different career paths. Blackie (Clark Gable) […]