Maltese Falcon, The (1931)

“I aim to give service at all times — night and day.” Synopsis: While investigating the death of his partner (Walter Long) [whose wife (Thelma Todd) he was having an affair with], a womanizing private eye Sam Spade (Ricardo Cortez) with a loyal secretary (Una Merkel) becomes romantically involved with a beautiful client (Bebe Daniels) […]

Polyester (1981)

“This whole world stinks, Francine, so get used to it!” Synopsis: When a put-upon housewife (Divine) with an abusive mother (Joni Ruth White) learns that her sleazy husband (David Samson) has been cheating on her with his secretary (Mink Stole); that her drug-addicted son (Ken King) is the notorious Baltimore Foot Stomper; and that her […]

Desperate Living (1977)

“Look around you — it’s a village of idiots!” Synopsis: A neurotic housewife (Mink Stole) murders her husband (George Stover) and runs away with her housemaid (Jean Hill) to a shantytown named Mortville, where evil Queen Carlotta (Edith Massey) rules with an iron fist. They rent a room from a transgendered wrestler (Susan Lowe) seeking […]

Kronos (1957)

“I don’t understand you, Les — you’ve never been so tense about a planetoid before.” Synopsis: When a glowing object from a UFO is shot down from the desert sky, its energy inhabits the body of a trucker (Kenneth Alton) who passes it along to an unsuspecting scientist (John Emery) at a research lab. Emery’s […]

Targets (1968)

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. I get funny ideas.” Synopsis: An aging horror star (Boris Karloff) is convinced by his personal assistant (Nancy Hsueh) and a young director (Peter Bogdanovich) to star in one more film after making an appearance at a drive-through screening of his latest flick. Meanwhile, a deranged insurance salesman […]

Falcon and the Snowman, The (1985)

“I had no idea the extent of the lie — the level of deception.” Synopsis: The son (Timothy Dalton) of an FBI employee (Pat Hingle) becomes disenchanted in his new job as a military contract clerk when he learns about America’s direct interference in Australian politics, and enlists the help of his childhood friend (Sean […]

Old Maid, The (1939)

“I can’t imagine not waiting forever.” Synopsis: When her cousin (Miriam Hopkins) marries a wealthy man (James Stephenson) rather than waiting for her fiance (George Brent) to return home, Charlotte (Bette Davis) — who’s loved Brent all her life — has an affair with him before he heads to the Civil War and is killed. […]