Kansas City Bomber (1972)

“We’re all used — you, me, anybody on two legs. That’s what it’s all about. That’s your American pie for you.” Synopsis: A single mother (Raquel Welch) working on the Roller Derby circuit while her two kids (Jodie Foster and Stephen Manley) live with her mom (Martine Bartlett) is transferred by a new team owner […]

Dynamite Chicken (1971)

“What is obscene?” Synopsis: Richard Pryor appears intermittently in this collage of skits, spoofs, and commentary on countercultural topics, including war, sex, feminism, patriotism, politics, and obscenity. Genres: Counterculture Experimental Films Richard Pryor Films Satires and Spoofs Review: It’s difficult to know what to make of — or say about — this experimental pastiche of […]

Valley Girl (1983)

“Nobody’s going to tell me who I can score with!” Synopsis: A popular “valley girl” (Deborah Foreman) breaks up with her boring boyfriend (Michael Bowen) and begins dating a guy (Nicolas Guy) from across town — but soon her friends peer-pressure her into rethinking her romantic choices. Genres: Cross-Class Romance Nicolas Cage Films Teenagers Review: […]

Fire Over England (1937)

“I have seen blacker fears turn to hopes. Hope on, until you know there is none.” Synopsis: A loyal supporter (Laurence Olivier) of Queen Elizabeth I (Flora Robson) — happily engaged to one of her ladies-in-waiting (Vivien Leigh) — agrees to replace a killed agent (James Mason) as a spy in the courts of King […]