Corbeau, Le / Crow, The / Raven, The / Little Town in France, A (1943)

“These letters are nothing but a web of slander and lies.” Synopsis: A new doctor (Pierre Fresnay) in a French village accused of committing adultery with the wife (Micheline Francey) of a psychiatrist (Pierre Larquey) is seduced by a lonely handicapped girl (Ginette Leclerc) with a nosy teenage sister (Liliane Maigné), and becomes one of […]

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

“It’s the things one can’t do that always tempt me.” Synopsis: A kind and generous doctor (Fredric March) engaged to a high-society girl (Rose Hobart) begins torturing a local dancer (Miriam Hopkins) when his frustration over a delayed marriage date prompts him to take a potion that transforms him into a sadistic monster. Genres: Fredric […]

Designing Woman (1957)

“How is it you cannot stand the sight of blood on anyone except me? Synopsis: A sports writer (Gregory Peck) and a fashion designer (Lauren Bacall) fall in love and marry in a hurry, but soon find their social circles aren’t exactly compatible. Genres: Gregory Peck Films Lauren Bacall Films Marital Problems Romantic Comedy Vincente […]

Norma Rae (1979)

“You’re overpaid, you’re overworked… They’re shafting you right up to your tonsils.” Synopsis: A Jewish labor organizer from New York (Ron Leibman) visits a textile mill in the deep South and convinces a feisty single mother (Sally Field) to assist him in forming a union, despite strong opposition from management and some frustration from Field’s […]

Far From Vietnam (1967)

“America wants to show that the revolutionary struggle can only fail.” Synopsis: Various French directors voice their strong anti-Vietnam War sentiments in this compiled documentary about America’s involvement in the country’s civil war. Genres: Alain Resnais Films Documentary Episodic Films French Films Godard Films Revolutionaries Vietnam War Review: French director-essayist “Chris Marker” spearheaded this collective […]