Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

“Who would have thought? All we wanted was a bigger, healthier tomato.” Synopsis: With the help of a journalist (Sharon Taylor), a spy (Gary Smith), and a parachuting lieutenant (Rock Peace), a special operations agent (David Miller) attempts to learn why tomatoes are suddenly wreaking havoc on humanity. Genres: Killer Plants Satires and Spoofs Response […]

Which Way is Up? (1977)

“Which way is up, sucker? You forget who you are and where you came from?” Synopsis: An orchard worker (Richard Pryor) living with his wife (Margaret Avery), his horny father (also Richard Pryor), and many others in a tiny house accidentally becomes aligned with a protest movement and is forced out of town by his […]

Galaxina (1980)

“I’m better than a human woman.” Synopsis: An intergalactic policeman (Steven Macht) on board a spaceship with an inept boss named Captain Butt (Avery Schreiber) falls in love with a beautiful android-servant (Dorothy Stratten) who reprograms herself to become more human-like for Macht — but will the crew survive a battle with aliens for the […]

Man From Laramie, The (1955)

“I’d push you right off the Earth if I thought it would help Dave.” Synopsis: A man (Jimmy Stewart) determine to avenge the death of his brother by finding the person who sold an Apache tribe repeating rifles comes to a ranch owned by an aging patriarch (Donald Crisp) with a psychopathic son (Alex Nicol), […]

Winchester ’73 (1950)

“Some things a man has to do — so he does ’em.” Synopsis: A sharpshooter (Jimmy Stewart) arriving in Dodge City with his longtime friend (Millard Mitchell) wins a coveted Winchester ’73 rifle in a shooting contest, but it’s stolen by his rival (Stephen McNally), who then loses the gun to an “Indian trader” (John […]

Far Country, The (1954)

“Where there’s gold, there’s stealing. Where there’s stealing, there’s killing!” Synopsis: A cattle-driver (Jimmy Stewart) hoping to earn money by selling his herd in the Yukon is arrested for murdering two employees who tried to steal his cows, and sentenced to loss of his animals by a Seattle-area judge (John McIntire). After agreeing to accompany […]

Bend of the River (1952)

“There’s a difference between men and apples.” Synopsis: A former border raider (James Stewart) helps a group of settlers — including two beautiful sisters (Julia Adams and Lori Nelson) — cross safely into Oregon while rescuing a vigilante (Arthur Kennedy) who then joins their troupe. When food supplies become scarce due to a gold rush […]

Naked Spur, The (1953)

“They’re men, honey, and you ain’t — remember that.” Synopsis: An embittered bounty hunter (Jimmy Stewart) seeks help from a grizzled prospector (Millard Mitchell) and a dishonorably discharged “Indian fighter” (Ralph Meeker) in trapping an outlaw (Robert Ryan) who is travelling with a vulnerable young female companion (Janet Leigh). Genres: Anthony Mann Films Janet Leigh […]

Captain Blood (1935)

“I’ve resented you because you’re beautiful, and I’m a slave. Do you understand that?” Synopsis: When a physician (Errol Flynn) in 17th century England is convicted of conspiracy against the crown after tending to a wounded rebel, he and others are sent to work as slaves in an American colony overseen by a cruel governor […]

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

“This thing is very personal to me.” Synopsis: When his visiting buddy (James Russo) is murdered, a Detroit-based detective (Eddie Murphy) travels to Beverly Hills to investigate potentially criminal dealings at the art gallery where Russo worked, managed by their mutual friend (Lisa Eilbacher); but will Murphy’s efforts be foiled by local cops (John Ashton […]