Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

“Something ain’t right: you’re childless, and my son drinks.” Synopsis: A dying patriarch (Burl Ives) and his wife (Judith Anderson) celebrate Ives’ birthday with their two grown sons: an alcoholic ex-athlete (Paul Newman) whose childless wife (Elizabeth Taylor) is desperate for sexual attention, and a man (Jack Carson) whose pregnant wife (Madeleine Sherwood) wants to […]

National Velvet (1944)

“I, too, believe that everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life.” Synopsis: With the help of an itinerant trainer (Mickey Rooney) — and the blessing of her mother (Anne Revere) — the 12-year-old daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) of a small-town butcher (Donald Crisp) enters her horse, the Pie, […]

Quadrophenia (1979)

“I don’t want to be the same as everybody else! That’s why I’m a Mod, see?” Synopsis: A disaffected working-class Londoner (Phil Daniels) rides a scooter with his Mod buddies while pining after a beautiful girl (Leslie Ash) whose affection he finally wins (temporarily) during a bloody riot in Brighton against a rival gang of […]

Donkey Skin (1971)

“I love you, my daughter, and wish to marry you.” Synopsis: A king (Jean Marais) whose dying wife (Micheline Presle) makes him promise he will only remarry if he can find someone wiser and more beautiful than herself decides that his grown daughter (Catherine Deneuve) is the sole suitable candidate. After seeking advice from her […]

Only Game in Town, The (1970)

“I’m making jokes because I’m scared, but I’ve never been more serious in my life.” Synopsis: A Vegas showgirl (Elizabeth Taylor) has an affair with a gambling-addicted musician (Warren Beatty) while waiting for her married lover (Charles Braswell) to finally get a divorce — but when her opportunity for a lasting union arrives, will she […]

Tommy (1975)

“He hears but cannot answer to your call.” Synopsis: A young boy (Barry Winch) whose mother (Ann-Margret) becomes a widow during WWII grows up blind, deaf, and mute. As an adult, Tommy (Roger Daltrey) is taken by his mother and step-father (Oliver Reed) to a preacher (Eric Clapton) and an “Acid Queen” (Tina Turner) who […]

Woodstock (1970)

“I’m very happy to say we think the people of this country should be proud of these kids, notwithstanding the way they dress or the way they wear their hair — that’s their own personal business.” Synopsis: Nearly half a million hippies converge on a farm in New York, enjoying music, drugs, peace, and good […]