Kids Are Alright, The (1979)

“You can’t stop doing what you’re doing, because you’d let down all these people.” Synopsis: The raucuous style of British rock band The Who — singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon — evolves over their 15 years of performing together. Genres: Documentary Musicians Rock and Roll Response to […]

Breaking the Sound Barrier (1952)

“It was almost as if I’d suddenly run into a solid sheet of water…” Synopsis: An RAF pilot (Nigel Patrick) marries the daughter (Ann Todd) of an airplane manufacturing magnate (Ralph Richardson) who is determined to send a test pilot through the sound barrier. Genres: Airplanes and Pilots David Lean Films Ralph Richardson Films Science […]

Silver Streak (1976)

“If there’s one thing I have learned from this trip it’s that you play the game, and take what you get.” Synopsis: A book editor (Gene Wilder) meets a beautiful secretary (Jill Clayburgh) while travelling onboard a train called the Silver Streak. After seeing the man Clayburgh works for hanging dead outside a window, he […]

Below the Belt (1980)

“She’s stronger than she looks — I’m working on the image!” Synopsis: A waitress (Regina Baff) tries her luck as a female wrestler, travelling across the United States with a group of diverse and determined women. Genres: Character Arc Feminism and Women’s Issues Road Trip Strong Females Underdogs Wrestling Review: A year before Robert Aldrich’s […]

Circle of Iron (1978)

“Whatever you think I am — or want me to be — I am.” Synopsis: After being formally defeated in a fight overseen by a leader in a white robe (Roddy McDowell), a warrior (Jeff Cooper) seeking a mysterious seer named Zetan (Christopher Lee) finds unexpected assistance from a blind, martially-talented flute-player (David Carradine). Genres: […]