Lost Horizon (1937)

“Did you ever go to a totally strange place and feel certain you had been there before?” Synopsis: A diplomat (Ronald Colman) helps a group of Westerners — including his brother (John Howard), a financial felon (Thomas Mitchell), a paleontologist (Edward Everett Horton), and an ailing prostitute (Isabel Jewell) — flee an attack in China […]

Prizefighter and the Lady, The (1933)

“He’s just a big kid — playful and thoughtless.” Synopsis: As a beefy bartender (Max Baer) begins training with a washed-up boxing promoter (Walter Huston), he falls for the singing moll (Myrna Loy) of a gangster (Otto Krueger), who is primarily worried about Loy’s happiness given Baer’s enormous ego and roving eye. Genres: Boxing Love […]

Viva Las Vegas (1964)

“Can you check my motor? It whistles.” Synopsis: A musically talented racer (Elvis Presley) hoping to win enough money in Vegas to buy a motor for his car vies with an Italian count (Cesare Danova) for the affections of a beautiful pool manager (Ann-Margret). Genres: Ann-Margret Films Car Racing Elvis Presley Films Love Triangle Musicals […]

Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)

“We’ve been fighting it for years — and we know from experience, the less talk there is about it, the better.” Synopsis: A widowed journalist (Gregory Peck) assigned to write a story about antisemitism decides to go undercover as a Jew to gain an insider’s perspective on discrimination. While his mother (Ann Revere), son (Dean […]

Rumble Fish (1983)

“He looks really old — like, 25 or something.” Synopsis: A teenage punk (Matt Dillon) living with his alcoholic father (Dennis Hopper) and hanging out with his childhood friend (Vincent Spano) romances his Catholic-school girlfriend (Diane Lane) while preparing to engage in a “rumble” with a rival from another gang (Glenn Withrow) — but when […]

Creation of the Humanoids, The (1962)

“Why is it that the more we become like men, the more they hate us for it?” Synopsis: After a nuclear holocaust in which robots (referred to as “Clickers”) have begun to outnumber humans, a scientist (Don Doolittle) works with two renegade Clickers (George Milan and Dudley Manlove) to create increasingly human-like androids; meanwhile, the […]

Mississippi (1935)

“There’s no excuse for a man not fighting!” Synopsis: A pacifist (Bing Crosby) engaged to a southern belle (Gail Patrick) disappoints both Patrick and her father (Claude Gillingwater) by refusing to fight a duel with Patrick’s prior suitor (John Miljan), who she eventually marries. After accepting a job as a crooner on a performance ship […]

Mark of the Devil (1970)

“I work to serve God — to rid the world of all evil.” Synopsis: After falling in love with a bewitchingly beautiful barmaid (Olivera Katarina) in a European village, a count (Udo Kier) apprenticing as a witch-hunter to a lord (Herbert Lom) is distressed to learn that not only the town’s local witch-hunter (Reggie Nalder) […]

Trouble With Girls, The (1969)

“Stay away from the locals, kiddo. You’re the boss now — don’t forget that.” Synopsis: The manager (Elvis Presley) of a travelling Chautauqua show during the 1920s flirts with girls, sings a few songs, and manages various day-to-day concerns while helping to solve the mysterious murder of a local druggist (Dabney Coleman). Genres: Carnivals and […]

Humanoids From the Deep (1980)

“It starts out as a fish — but is humanoid in its final stages.” Synopsis: In a small fishing town where dogs begin mysteriously dying and a Native American (Anthony Pena) attempts to prevent the imminent arrival of a cannery, a scientist (Ann Turkel) explains to a local fisherman (Doug McClure) and his wife (Cindy […]