Kid Galahad (1962)

“Make sure this pigeon don’t get away.” Synopsis: A debt-ridden promoter (Gig Young) convinces an Army veteran (Elvis Presley) to work with a trainer (Charles Bronson) and box a few rounds so he can save up for his dream of working as a mechanic. When Presley falls in love with Young’s sister (Joan Blackman), Young […]

Flaming Star (1960)

“We have no place to go: we have to fight, or we die.” Synopsis: A half-breed Kiowa (Elvis Presley) living on a ranch with his father (John McIntire), mother (Dolores del Rio), and half-brother (Steve Forrest) finds his loyalties divided when a local Kiowa tribe led by Buffalo Horn (Rodolfo Acosta) seeks revenge for stolen […]

Loving You (1957)

“Who’s fighting sex? It’s a healthy American commodity. It sells Coke, cream, steam engines, shampoo, real estate, and toothpaste. It can sell singers, too.” Synopsis: A traveling music producer (Lizabeth Scott) and her ex-husband (Wendell Corey) nurture the talents of a delivery boy (Elvis Presley) whose singing is a huge hit with local teens. Scott […]

Love Me Tender (1956)

“Maybe the South is licked — but not us!” Synopsis: With help from their compatriots (including Neville Brand and L.Q. Jones), three Confederate brothers (Richard Egan, William Campbell, and James Drury) steal an army payroll from a train, unaware that the Civil War has just ended an hour earlier. Deciding to keep the cash as […]

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

“That ain’t tactics, honey — it’s just the beast in me!” Synopsis: After accidentally killing a man in a barfight, a construction worker (Elvis Presley) is sent to jail, where his cellmate (Mickey Shaughnessy) — a former country-and-western star — teaches him to play the guitar and offers him a chance to perform. Upon his […]

Loved One, The (1965)

“You’ll be the death of me yet, Mr. Barlow.” Synopsis: A penniless British poet (Robert Morse) arrives in Los Angeles to visit his uncle (John Gielgud), who works as an artist for a movie studio run by a young producer (Roddy McDowell) and his junior executive (Jonathan Winters). When Gielgud dies unexpectedly, his British compatriot […]

King Creole (1958)

“The boy was born with an unusual talent — he has the right to think for himself!” Synopsis: A troubled teen (Elvis Presley) disappoints his father (Dean Jagger) by failing high school and choosing to work in a nightclub owned by a man (Paul Stewart) who his sister (Jan Shepard) falls for. But will Danny’s […]

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932)

“I’ll be a model prisoner if it kills me!” Synopsis: A decorated World War I veteran (Paul Muni) disappoints his parents by wanting more out of life than his small-town factory job, and sets off in search of engineering work. After a series of hard times, he is accidentally implicated in a fatal robbery committed […]

Set-Up, The (1949)

“Don’t you see, Bill? You’ll always be just one punch away.” Synopsis: An aging boxer (Robert Ryan) whose wife (Audrey Totter) desperately wants him to quit decides to give his all in a final match against a corrupt young upstart (Hal Baylor) — not knowing that his own manager (George Tobias) has taken money from […]