Easy Living (1937)

“You’re a sight for an eyesore!” Synopsis: A millionaire (Edward Arnold) upset that his wife (Mary Nash) has purchased yet another expensive fur coat drops it from his building, where it lands on the head of a woman (Jean Arthur) riding to work on a double-decker bus. Arthur quickly finds herself the center of attention […]

Yearling, The (1946)

“That’s life, Jody: gettin’ and losin’, losin’ and gettin’.” Synopsis: A young boy (Claude Jarman, Jr.) living with his grieving mother (Jane Wyman) and overworked father (Gregory Peck) in backwoods Florida longs for a wild pet, and is finally allowed to adopt a fawn he names Flag — but when Flag gets older, his natural […]

Halloween (1978)

“Death has come to your little town, sheriff.” Synopsis: A psychiatrist (Donald Pleasence) is deeply disturbed to learn that his “evil” patient (Tony Moran) has escaped from an asylum and returned to his home town, where he killed his sister (Sandy Johnson) 15 years earlier as a six-year-old (Will Sandin). On Halloween, masked Moran quickly […]

Suspiria (1977)

“It all seems so absurd… So fantastic!” Synopsis: An American ballerina (Jessica Harper) arrives at an elite European boarding school and is unnerved to learn that one of her classmates (Eva Axen) has just been killed. Harper’s roommate (Stefania Casini) suspects that the headmistress (Joan Bennett) and her lead instructor (Alida Valli) are involved in […]

Baron of Arizona, The (1950)

“Gentlemen, it has the stench of swindle.” Synopsis: In late-1800s America, a talented con-artist named James Reavis (Vincent Price) plots an elaborate scheme to establish young Sofia (Karen Kester) — a peasant girl cared for by her adopted father (Vladimir Sokoloff) — as a Spanish baroness whose ancestors held a claim on Arizona territory. Reavis […]

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1976)

“I would like — if I may — to take you on a strange journey…” Synopsis: A young woman (Susan Sarandon) and her fiance (Barry Bostwick) arrive at a castle during an annual convention of visitors from the planet Transsexual, and watch as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) — with the help of his butler (Richard […]

Panic in the Streets (1950)

“If the killer is incubating pneumonic plague, he can start spreading it within 48 hours!” Synopsis: A public health doctor (Richard Widmark) tries to convince a police captain (Paul Douglas) that a dead man (Lewis Charles) riddled with pneumonic plague represents a dire threat to society — at least until his unknown killers (Jack Palance, […]

Day of the Locust, The (1975)

Hello, CMBA members! I’m happy to be participating in the Classic Movie Blog Association’s Hollywood on Hollywood blogathon. If you’re new to my site, please click here to read more. Welcome! “Luck’s just hard work, they say — and I’m willing to work as hard as anyone!” Synopsis: An aspiring production designer (William Atherton) moves […]

Village of the Giants (1965)

“I wonder if it makes… everything grow?” Synopsis: When a teenager (Tommy Kirk) and his girlfriend (Charla Doherty) learn that Kirk’s genius brother (Ron Howard) has accidentally invented a “goo” that makes creatures grow super-sized, they and their friends plan to become rich by using it on cattle — but a group of local bullies […]

Eegah! (1962)

“Dad, I didn’t say he was a monster — he was a giant! You know, a caveman!” Synopsis: When a teenager (Marilyn Manning) and her father (Arch Hall, Sr.) are kidnapped by a hulking prehistoric caveman (Richard Kiel), Manning’s intrepid singing boyfriend (Arch Hall, Jr.) goes searching for them in his dune buggy. Genres: Giants […]