Scream and Scream Again (1970)

“When you feel nothing, not even pain, the body and spirit are capable of limitless things.” Synopsis: In the near-future, a jogger collapses and finds himself gradually losing limbs in a hospital while a nurse attends to him; a London detective (Alfred Marks) searches for a “vampire killer” (Michael Gothard) who is terrorizing beautiful young […]

Misfits, The (1961)

“You have the gift for life, Roslyn.” Synopsis: A dancer (Marilyn Monroe) divorcing her husband (Kevin McCarthy) in Reno befriends a divorcee (Thelma Ritter) and becomes involved with an aging cowboy (Clark Gable) living on property owned by a widowed tow-truck driver (Eli Wallach). The arrival of a down-and-out rodeo rider (Montgomery Clift) — and […]

Woman in the Window, The (1944)

“The flesh is still strong, but the spirit grows weaker by the hour.” Synopsis: When his wife and kids go away for the summer, a middle-aged professor (Edward G. Robinson) becomes intrigued by the real-life model (Joan Bennett) of a portrait near his office and accompanies her to her apartment, where he kills her jealous […]

Pursued (1947)

“What you don’t remember doesn’t matter.” Synopsis: After witnessing a traumatic event, an orphaned boy named Jeb (Ernest Severn) comes to live with his aunt (Judith Anderson) and cousins, Thor (Peggy Miller) and Adam (Charles Bates). Jeb (Robert Mitchum) and Adam (John Rodney) quickly become lifelong rivals, while Jeb and Thor (Teresa Wright) fall in […]

East of Eden (1955)

“Some day, he’s going to know who his real son is.” Synopsis: In pre-WWI California, troubled Cal (James Dean) competes against his twin brother Aron (Richard Davalos) — engaged to a nurturing young woman named Abra (Julie Harris) — for the love and approval of his demanding father (Raymond Massey), while attempting to make contact […]

On the Yard (1978)

“You run the yard — everybody knows that.” Synopsis: A convicted wife-murderer (John Heard) buys cigarettes on credit from a top-dog inmate (Thomas G. Waites), but finds his life at risk when he can’t pay Waites back on time, and refuses to collude with a captain (Lane Smith) determined to nail Waites. Meanwhile, Waites’ right-hand […]

Amityville Horror, The (1979)

“I’m telling you there was a presence in that house!” Synopsis: A recently married couple (Margot Kidder and James Brolin) move with Kidder’s three kids (Natasha Ryan, K.C. Martel, and Meeno Peluce) into a house tainted by the murders of its last inhabitants at the hands of their own son. A priest (Rod Steiger) attempting […]

Ministry of Fear (1944)

“Forget the past — just tell me the future.” Synopsis: A man (Ray Milland) released from serving a two-year sentence in an asylum heads to blitz-filled London, where he finds himself caught up in a nightmarish situation involving a fortune teller (Aminta Dyne), a highly desirable cake, a “murdered” man (Dan Duryea) who returns to […]

Jackson County Jail (1976)

“I was born dead.” Synopsis: After leaving her philandering boyfriend and going on a cross-country road trip, a woman (Yvette Mimieux) is robbed by a pair of hitchhikers (Robert Carradine and Marciee Drake), nearly raped by a bartender (Britt Leach), thrown in jail by a suspicious sheriff (Severn Darden), brutally savaged by a lecherous guard […]

Naked Jungle, The (1954)

“Frankly, you’re not what I expected.” Synopsis: A churlish, virginal cocoa plantation owner (Charlton Heston) in South America spurns his new mail order bride (Eleanor Parker) when he learns she’s a widow “with experience”. Can Parker win his heart in time to join forces against a marauding army of killer ants? Genres: Charlton Heston Films […]