Undercover Man, The (1949)

“It’s never too late for a trade.” Synopsis: A T-man (Glenn Ford) and his partner (James Whitmore) are tasked with hunting down a notorious gangster who owes $3 million in taxes, but quickly find that all witnesses are too scared to talk. Meanwhile, a big-time mob attorney (Barry Kelley) foils the T-men’s attempts to get […]

Rancho Notorious (1952)

“Go away and come back 10 years ago.” Synopsis: A rancher (Arthur Kennedy) whose beautiful fiancee (Gloria Henry) is raped and murdered by a thief (Lloyd Gough) vows revenge and goes undercover, helping a known outlaw (Mel Ferrer) escape from jail in order to learn the location of a “safe-ranch” known as “Chuck-a-Luck”, where a […]

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

“When the evil eye is on you, the savage beast somehow gets inside and controls you — makes you look and act like a wolf, makes you hunt down your victim and kill it like a wolf!” Synopsis: The angry, troubled teenage son (Michael Landon) of a hard-working widower (Malcolm Atterbury) visits a malicious psychiatrist […]

Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The (1953)

“Two people don’t share the same hallucination!” Synopsis: While conducting nuclear research in the Arctic Circle, a scientist (Paul Christian) is nearly killed by a giant prehistoric monster but struggles to get his story believed by either the military (led by Kenneth Tobey) or a top scientist (Cecil Kellaway). Kellaway’s beautiful assistant (Paula Raymond) is […]

Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948)

“I know now that nothing happens by chance. Every moment is measured; every step is counted.” Synopsis: As he prepares to leave town rather than face a duel, an aging pianist (Louis Jourdan) reads a letter written by a young Viennese woman (Joan Fontaine) who fell instantly in love with him as a teenager and […]

Forty Guns (1957)

“I need a strong man to carry out my orders.” Synopsis: A lawman (Barry Sullivan) and his brothers (Gene Barry and Robert Dix) attempt to arrest the reckless brother (John Ericson) of a whip-wielding rancher (Barbara Stanwyck), who relies on 40 hired hands and a lackey sheriff (Dean Jagger) to help keep order in her […]

Gunfighter, The (1950)

“It’s a fine life, ain’t it? Just trying to stay alive.” Synopsis: After killing a young upstart (Richard Jaeckel) in self-defense, notorious gunfighter Jimmy Ringo (Gregory Peck) flees to the town of Cayenne, where he hopes to reconnect with his estranged wife (Helen Westcott) and son. The town’s marshall (Millard Mitchell) allows Ringo to enjoy […]

Santa Fe Trail (1940)

“Our job is to be a soldier, not to decide what is wrong or right.” Synopsis: After graduating from West Point Academy, J.E.B. Stuart (Errol Flynn) and his friends — including future Confederacy leaders George Custer (Ronald Reagan) and James Longstreet (Frank Wilcox) — battle against a classmate (Van Heflin) who has joined forces with […]

Killers, The (1964)

“A man stood still while we burned him, and I’d like to know why.” Synopsis: When their target (John Cassavetes) isn’t surprised about being killed, two hitmen (Lee Marvin and Clu Gulager) decide to investigate by talking with his former partner (Claude Akins), and learn that Cassavates — a race car driver — was fatally […]

They Might Be Giants (1971)

“No coaching, please — I work by pure deduction.” Synopsis: A “paranoiac” (George C. Scott) convinced he’s Sherlock Holmes befriends a psychoanalyst named Dr. Watson (Joanne Newman), and the pair gradually fall in love. Genres: Detectives and Private Eyes George C. Scott Films Joanne Newman Films Mental Illness Mistaken or Hidden Identities Nonconformists Play Adaptation […]