Cheerleaders, The (1973)

“Mom! Dad! I made the team!” Synopsis: A virginal teen (Stephanie Fondue) with a ho-hum boyfriend (Jonathan Jacobs) is thrilled to join her school’s squad of promiscuous cheerleaders — Claudia (Denise Dillaway), Bonnie (Jovita Bush), Debbie (Brandy Woods), Suzie (Clair Dia), and Patty (Kimberly Hyde) — who will stop at nothing to help their team […]

Terror Train (1980)

“I hate magic. It’s just tricks.” Synopsis: Several years after playing a vicious prank on a classmate (Derek McKinnon), a group of pre-med students dressed in various costumes — including a monk (Hart Bochner), Groucho Marx (Howard Busgang), an alien lizard (Anthony Sherwood), a witch (Sandee Currie), and a bird (Timothy Webber) — find themselves […]

I Dismember Mama (1972)

“My mother’s a whore; in the middle ages, she would have been stoned to death.” Synopsis: After attempting to strangle a nurse (Elaine Partnow) and then killing an attendant (James Tartan), a deeply disturbed psychopath (Zooey Hall) escapes from his mental institution intent on murdering his mother (Joanne Moore Jordan), who naively believes a psychiatrist’s […]

Las Vegas Hillbillys, The / Country Music U.S.A. (1966)

“My mamma didn’t raise no fools — and I’m gonna give a crack to this nightclub business before I give up!” Synopsis: An aspiring country singer (Ferlin Husky) and his buddy (Don Bowman) head to Las Vegas, where Husky takes over a debt-ridden dive bar he’s inherited from his deceased uncle. With help from bar-singer […]

American Success Company, The (1980)

“I sensed there was something I could learn from him that would save my marriage.” Synopsis: A milquetoast (Jeff Bridges) married to the supremely spoiled daughter (Belinda Bauer) of an arrogant millionaire (Ned Beatty) is inspired by an aggressively virile man (David Allen Brooks) he sees at a party, and seeks help from a prostitute […]

To Have and Have Not (1944)

“You save France; I’m going to save my boat.” Synopsis: After the untimely death of his highest-paying customer (Walter Sande), a charter boat owner (Humphrey Bogart) in WWII-era Martinique agrees to help the patriotic owner of a hotel-cafe (Marcel Dalio) by transporting a resistance fighter (Walter Szurovy) and his wife (Dolores Moran) to safety; meanwhile, […]

Breaking Point, The (1950)

“What else do I know? What else am I good at? I’m a boat jockey.” Synopsis: A charter boat skipper (John Garfield) struggling to support his wife (Phyllis Thaxter) and kids agrees to take a man (Ralph Dumke) and his mistress (Patricia Neal) to Mexico, but soon finds himself embroiled in increasingly dangerous dealings. Genres: […]

Sid and Nancy (1986)

“If I asked you to kill me, would you?” Synopsis: Bass guitarist Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) falls for a whining junkie (Chloe Webb) who sends them both on a downward spiral towards lethal violence. Genres: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Biopics Flashback Films Musicians Obsessive Love Review: Having recently reread Deborah Spungen’s heartbreaking account of her […]