Angel and the Badman (1947)

“Only a man who carries a gun ever needs one.” Synopsis: A wounded gunslinger (John Wayne) being tracked by a lawman (Harry Carey) falls in love with a naive but sincere young Quaker woman (Gail Russell) who hopes to marry and reform him. Genres: Christian Sects Cross-Cultural Romance Gail Russell Films John Wayne Films Westerns […]

Morocco (1930)

“Every time a man has helped me, there has been a price. What’s yours?” Synopsis: A sultry nightclub singer (Marlene Dietrich) in Morocco falls for a womanizing Foreign Legion soldier (Gary Cooper) while being wooed by a kind millionaire (Adolph Menjou). Genres: Adolph Menjou Films Gary Cooper Films Josef von Sternberg Films Love Triangle Marlene […]

Up! (1976)

“One of these people has committed murder most foul — but which one?” Synopsis: A nude “Greek chorus of one” (Kitten Navidad) narrates the tale of a Hitler-lookalike (Edward Schaaf) being murdered in his bathtub by a piranha after an encounter with a man dressed as a Pilgrim (Robert McLane); a rapist (Larry Dean) being […]

Journey Into Fear (1943)

“I can forgive almost anything but stupidity.” Synopsis: During World War II, a ballistics expert (Joseph Cotten) in Turkey is separated from his wife (Ruth Warrick) and taken by a business representative (Everett Sloane) to a nightclub, where he is nearly killed. A Turkish colonel (Orson Welles) arranges for him to travel home by steamer […]

Key Largo (1948)

“When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses.” Synopsis: On the eve of a hurricane, an ex-major (Humphrey Bogart) travels to a hotel in the Florida Keys to visit the widow (Lauren Bacall) and father (Lionel Barrymore) of a deceased army friend. He is soon embroiled in […]

Spoilers, The (1942)

“The law is working in 45 states — it ought to work in Alaska.” Synopsis: During the Alaskan gold rush, a feisty saloon owner (Marlene Dietrich) is caught in a love quadrangle between a miner (John Wayne), a crooked gold commissioner (Randolph Scott), and the niece (Margaret Lindsay) of a corrupt judge (Samuel S. Hinds). […]

Experiment in Terror (1962)

“I know a good deal about you — almost everything there is to know.” Synopsis: A mysterious asthmatic psychopath (Ross Martin) threatens to kill a bank teller (Lee Remick) and her sister (Stefanie Powers) if Remick doesn’t steal $100,000 for him — but Remick manages to call an FBI agent (Glenn Ford) whose team keeps […]

Elephant Boy (1937)

“You find a score of elephants dancing, and lead me to them — I’ll make a hunter of you!” Synopsis: A young elephant handler (Sabu) and his father (W.E. Holloway) are invited by a British overseer (Walter Hudd) to join an expedition hunting for wild elephants. When his father is killed by a tiger, the […]