Plague of the Zombies, The (1966)

“This disease seems to me to be more mental than physical.” Synopsis: A young doctor (Brook Williams) in a 19th century Cornish village summons the help of his mentor (Andre Morell) in determining the cause of a mysterious plague killing off his patients. When Dr. Forbes (Morell) arrives with his plucky grown daughter (Diane Clare), […]

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1974)

“Age frightens me.” Synopsis: As young women’s youth is sucked from their bodies by a black-hooded vampire, a vigilante swordfighter (Horst Janson) and his hunch-backed assistant (John Cater) are summoned by their doctor-friend (John Carson) to solve the mystery, which seems to involve a local nobleman (Shane Briant), his sister (Lois Dane), and their aged […]

Dead and Buried (1981)

“What the hell is going on in this town?!” Synopsis: As the sheriff (James Farentino) of a small coastal town investigates a mysterious rash of violent murders perpetrated on tourists — with many of them coming back to life — he begins to wonder about the potential involvement of the local mortician (Jack Albertson) as […]

Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)

“Vampires have minds far superior to those of mortals.” Synopsis: A woman (Donna Anders) grieving the recent loss of her mother (Marsha Jordan) from “pernicious anemia” enlists the help of her mother’s boyfriend, Count Yorga (Robert Quarry), in contacting her mother’s spirit during a seance. When two friends (Judy Lang and Michael Murphy) drop Quarry […]

Countess Dracula (1971)

“It states quite clearly: for the restoration of youth and beauty, only the blood of a virgin may be used!” Synopsis: Upon the death of her husband, an aging countess (Ingrid Pitt) accidentally discovers that young women’s blood makes her youthful again, and enlists the help of her loyal lover (Nigel Green) in securing victims. […]

Curse of Frankenstein, The (1957)

“Don’t you see? You’ve created a monster!” Synopsis: An arrogant baron (Peter Cushing) enlists the help of his mentor (Robert Urquhart) in carrying out a series of increasingly questionable scientific experiments. When he decides to bring a creature (Christopher Lee) composed of various body parts to life — resorting to murdering a professor (Paul Hardtmuth) […]

Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

“A werewolf is a body with a soul and a spirit that are constantly at war.” Synopsis: After being humiliated by a sociopathic marquis (Anthony Dawson), a beggar (Richard Wordsworth) is permanently imprisoned and becomes increasingly animal-like, raping a kind, mute servant (Yvonne Romain). Upon her death during childbirth, Romain’s son Leon (Justin Walters) is […]

Horror of Dracula (1958)

“It only remains for me now to await the daylight hours, where I will with God’s help forever end this man’s reign of terror!” Synopsis: A vampire hunter (John Van Eyssen) posing as a librarian arrives at the castle of Count Dracula (Christopher Lee), where he puts one of Dracula’s victims (Valerie Gaunt) out of […]

Brides of Dracula (1960)

“He was my son. Now he is only — a beast of the night.” Synopsis: A teacher (Yvonne Monlaur) on her way to begin a new position at a girls’ school is waylaid at the castle of a baroness (Martita Hunt) whose handsome, charming son (David Peel) is kept in chains. Peel convinces Monlaur to […]

Gruesome Twosome, The (1967)

“Napoleon, I’m afraid we have a problem!” Synopsis: A curious co-ed (Gretchen Wells) investigates a case involving a demented older woman (Elizabeth Davis) with a stuffed pet cougar who enlists the help of her mentally retarded grown son (Chris Martell) in scalping beautiful young women to turn their hair into wigs. Genres: Amateur Sleuths Herschell […]