Group Marriage (1973)

“Two girls and three men — what do you call that?” Synopsis: A car-savvy young woman (Aimee Eccles) in a contentious but committed relationship with her bumper sticker-producing boyfriend (Solomon Sturges) has an affair with a parole officer (Jeff Pomerantz), who brings his girlfriend (Victoria Vetri) into their growing sexual household. Soon Vetri meets a […]

Student Nurses, The (1970)

“There are many things in medicine that are brutal.” Synopsis: Four sexy young women deal with various dramas while studying to be nurses: Sharon (Elaine Giftos) attempts to befriend an embittered, terminally ill patient (Darrell Larson); Phred (Karen Carlson) falls for an OB-GYN student (Lawrence P. Casey); Lynn (Brioni Farrell) accidentally becomes involved with a […]

Footlight Parade (1933)

“Aw, talking pictures — it’s just a fad.” Synopsis: The producer (James Cagney) of live musical prologues for movies struggles to come up with new concepts while dealing with his mercenary ex-wife (Renee Whitney), an in-house spy who is leaking his ideas to a rival company, and shady colleagues (Guy Kibbee and Hugh Herbert) swindling […]

42nd Street (1933)

“Sawyer, you’re going out a youngster — but you’ve got to come back a star!” Synopsis: An aspiring chorine (Ruby Keeler) in Depression-era New York accidentally meets a performer (Dick Powell) who helps her break into a new show being staged by a stressed-out director (Warner Baxter) hoping to retire after one last hit; meanwhile, […]

Dames (1934)

“I’m free, white, and 21. I love to dance, and I’m going to dance!” Synopsis: A priggish multi-millionaire (Hugh Herbert) promises $10 million to his relative (Guy Kibbee) if Kibbee and his wife (Zasu Pitts) prove that they live morally upright lives; but the couple’s chance at wealth is compromised by both their performance-loving daughter […]

Bus Stop / Wrong Kind of Girl, The (1956)

“I know she’s my angel — and that’s good enough for me!” Synopsis: While on his way to a rodeo competition with his buddy (Arthur O’Connell), a romantically inexperienced young cowboy (Don Murray) meets the woman of his dreams (Marilyn Monroe) at a saloon, and attempts to convince her to marry him by kidnapping her. […]

There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954)

“You start worrying about your kids the day they’re born, and you never stop. Even after they bury you, I bet you never stop worrying.” Synopsis: Married vaudeville team Terence (Dan Dailey) and Molly (Ethel Merman) Donahue become “The Five Donahues” when their children — Tim (Donald O’Connor), Katy (Mitzi Gaynor), and Steve (Johnnie Ray) […]

Suspect, The (1944)

“Just to be suspected leaves a mark.” Synopsis: A kind shopkeeper (Charles Laughton) with an unbearably shrewish wife (Rosalind Ivan) befriends and romances a pretty young woman (Ella Raines). When his wife threatens to expose his affair with Raines, Laughton kills Ivan, making it look like an accident — but a suspicious investigator (Stanley Ridges) […]

We Are Not Alone (1939)

“Did you really think I’d allow them to be together for another minute?” Synopsis: On the brink of World War I, a kind doctor (Paul Muni) hires a down-on-her-luck Austrian dancer (Jane Bryan) to be a governess for his high-needs son (Ramond Severn) — but when his shrewish wife (Flora Robson) learns about Bryan’s troubled […]

Wuthering Heights (1939)

“Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest so long as I live on!” Synopsis: When a traveler (Miles Mander) arrives at the estate of Wuthering Heights, a housekeeper (Flora Robson) recounts the tale of how its original owner (Leo G. Carroll) brought home a gypsy foundling named Heathcliff (Rex Downing), who was resented and belittled by […]