Bill of Divorcement, A (1932)

“It’s in our blood, isn’t it?” Synopsis: A shellshocked veteran (John Barrymore) regains his sanity and returns home to find that his wife (Billie Burke) is now engaged to another man (Paul Cavanagh); meanwhile, his grown daughter (Katharine Hepburn) fears for her future with her fiance (David Manners) when she learns that her father’s mental […]

My Man Godfrey (1936)

“You’re more than a butler — you’re the first protege I ever had!” Synopsis: When a ditzy heiress (Carole Lombard) befriends a “forgotten man” (William Powell) she meets while on a scavenger hunt, she invites him to work as a butler for her family, and quickly finds herself falling in love with him — unaware […]

Such Good Friends (1971)

“Now that the damage has been done, your husband’s care will be of the finest.” Synopsis: When her husband (Laurence Luckinbill) becomes increasingly ill after entering the hospital for minor surgery, a woman (Dyan Cannon) soon learns some disturbing secrets about their marriage. Genres: Death and Dying Dyan Cannon Films Marital Problems Otto Preminger Films […]

Kid Millions (1934)

“Go away! I can’t talk to an idiot!” Synopsis: When a nebbish (Eddie Cantor) discovers he’s heir to a fortune, he quickly becomes prey to a con-woman (Ethel Merman) and her partner (Warren Hymer); meanwhile, when traveling to Egypt to collect his inheritance, the daughter (Eve Sully) of an Egyptian sheik (Paul Harvey) becomes smitten […]

Strike Me Pink (1936)

“When confronted with danger, be prompt — be rash — be bold; dominate the situation!” Synopsis: A meek tailor (Eddie Cantor) gains newfound confidence from a correspondence course, and is hired to manage an amusement park threatened by gangsters, who want to infuse it with crooked slot machines. Genres: Character Arc Comedy Eddie Cantor Films […]

Desk Set (1957)

“They can’t build a machine to do our job.” Synopsis: A team of reference librarians (Katharine Hepburn, Joan Blondell, Dina Merrill, and Sue Randall) at the Federal Broadcasting Company worry that their jobs are at stake when an efficiency expert (Spencer Tracy) arrives with a fancy new computer. Genres: Gig Young Films Joan Blondell Films […]

Pat and Mike (1952)

“I don’t think you’ve ever been properly handled.” Synopsis: A shady sports promoter (Spencer Tracy) offers to help manage the professional career of a gifted female athlete (Katharine Hepburn) who finds herself strangely flummoxed whenever her professor-fiance (William Ching) watches her compete. Genres: George Cukor Films Katharine Hepburn Films Romantic Comedy Spencer Tracy Films Sports […]

Incredible Shrinking Woman, The (1981)

“To my family, I’d become a doll — and to our dog, a chew-stick.” Synopsis: After exposure to a multitude of household chemicals, a housewife (Lily Tomlin) begins shrinking, much to the horror of her husband (Charles Grodin) and two kids (Shelby Balik and Justin Dana). Meanwhile, her husband’s boss (Ned Beatty) conspires with her […]

Windy City (1984)

“I have nothing to say. I am not a writer.” Synopsis: An aspiring writer (John Shea) enlists the help of his childhood buddies in supporting their dying friend (Josh Mostel); meanwhile, he reminisces about a former girlfriend (Kate Capshaw) who has since become engaged to another man. Genres: Friendship Winning Him/Her Back Review: Two years […]

Woman of the Year (1942)

“You don’t think I can do all the ordinary little things that any idiot can do, do you?” Synopsis: A globe-trotting political journalist (Katharine Hepburn) and an easy-going sports writer (Spencer Tracy) fall in love, but find their marriage strained by Hepburn’s hectic lifestyle. Genres: Career-versus-Marriage Feminism and Women’s Issues George Stevens Films Journalists Katharine […]