Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, The (1939)

“Who’s gonna pay money to see a man dance with his wife?” Synopsis: Near the turn of the 20th century, married couple Vernon (Fred Astaire) and Irene (Ginger Rogers) Castle become a cultural phenomenon, known the world over for their elegant ballroom dancing — but with World War I on the horizon, their happiness is […]

Don’t Bother to Knock (1952)

“I should have known better — you’re not cured!” Synopsis: The elevator operator (Elisa Cook, Jr.) for a fancy hotel enlists his niece (Marilyn Monroe) to babysit for the daughter (Donna Corcoran) of a couple (Jim Backus and Lurene Tuttle) attending an awards event at the hotel. Soon Monroe begins flirting with an embittered guest […]

Bells of St. Mary’s, The (1945)

“It looks like St. Mary’s is in a bad way.” Synopsis: When sent to help manage the inner city school of St. Mary’s, Father O’Malley (Bing Crosby) clashes on certain issues with the school’s director, Sister Benedict (Ingrid Bergman). However, they both want the best for their students, and work hard to convince a stingy […]

Monkey Business (1952)

“I’m beginning to wonder if ‘being young’ is all it’s cracked up to be.” Synopsis: A scientist (Cary Grant) experimenting with a potion to restore youth and vitality tries it on himself and is shocked to discover how effective it suddenly is — not realizing that one of his lab chimpanzees accidentally got into his […]

Let’s Make Love (1960)

“Oh, there’ll be children… Lots of children!” Synopsis: On the advice of a consultant (Tony Randall), billionaire Jean-Marc Clement (Yves Montand) attends a rehearsal of a musical show mocking his image, intending to shut it down — but he immediately becomes smitten with its star, sexy singer Amanda Dell (Marilyn Monroe), and decides instead to […]