Mississippi Mermaid (1969)

“I can’t say that I’m happy with her, but I’m unable to live without her.” Synopsis: The owner of a tobacco factory (Jean-Paul Belmondo) on the island of Reunion is surprised to find that his new correspondence bride (Catherine Deneuve) looks nothing like the photo she sent him — but he falls in love with […]

Shoeshine / Sciuscia (1944)

“I know he’s a delinquent, a scoundrel — but he’s your brother!” Synopsis: In post-WWII Italy, a homeless teenager (Franco Interlenghi) and his friend (Rinaldo Smordoni) shine the shoes of American G.I.s while saving money to buy a beloved horse. To get the last payment required, they assist Smordoni’s brother in selling a pair of […]

Terms of Endearment (1983)

“Grown women are prepared for life’s little emergencies.” Synopsis: A widow (Shirley MacLaine) and her daughter (Debra Winger) clash over Winger’s decision to marry an aspiring English professor (Jeff Daniels), but maintain a close relationship even when Winger and her family move away. Genres: Death and Dying Debra Winger Films Grown Children Illness Jack Nicholson […]

Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (1972)

Synopsis: A sociology student (Andre Dussollier) writing his thesis on criminal women interviews a beautiful inmate named Camille (Bernadette Lafont) who has been jailed for murder. While listening to her recount her story, he finds himself deeply smitten with her, and dedicated to proving her innocence — but is she worthy of his adoration and […]

Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)

“A lot of people think they’re born better than others. I’m trying to prove it’s the way you’re raised that counts — that even a monkey brought up in the right surroundings can learn the meaning of decency and honesty.” Synopsis: By secretly raising a chimpanzee like his own child, a psychology professor (Ronald Reagan) […]

Lassie Come Home (1943)

“I know something about this dog. She’s going somewhere — she’s on her way.” Synopsis: The son (Roddy McDowall) of an out-of-work Yorkshireman (Donald Crisp) and his wife (Elsa Lanchester) is heartbroken to learn that they’ve sold his beloved collie, Lassie (Pal), to a Scottish duke (Nigel Bruce). Fortunately, Bruce’s kind-hearted granddaughter (Elizabeth Taylor) helps […]

Shane (1953)

“Call me Shane.” Synopsis: A former gunslinger (Alan Ladd) is invited to stay and work at a farm run by a homesteader (Van Heflin), his wife (Jean Arthur), and their son (Brandon De Wilde) — but when a local rancher (Emile Meyer) and his associates continue to threaten Heflin and other homesteaders in the area, […]

Naked Kiss, The (1964)

“My darling, our marriage will be a paradise — because we’re both abnormal.” Synopsis: A prostitute (Constance Towers) runs away from her abusive pimp and arrives in a small town where the police captain (Anthony Eisley) encourages her to join a brothel run by a madam named Candy (Virginia Grey). However, after renting a room […]

High Noon (1952)

“I think I ought to stay.” Synopsis: When a recently retired sheriff (Gary Cooper) learns that a man (Ian MacDonald) he helped send to prison for life has returned to town with three assistants (Lee Van Cleef, Robert J. Wilke, and Sheb Wooley) to seek revenge, he goes against the wishes of his new wife […]

Graduate, The (1967)

“There’s a great future in plastics; think about it.” Synopsis: When a recent college graduate (Dustin Hoffman) returns home to live with his parents (William Daniels and Elizabeth Wilson), he’s immediately seduced by the wife (Anne Bancroft) of his father’s law partner (Murray Hamilton). Bancroft warns him not to have anything to do with her […]