Lavender Hill Mob, The (1951)

“Most men who long to be rich know inwardly that they will never achieve their ambition — but I was in the unique position of having a fortune literally within my grasp.” Synopsis: A seemingly meek bank clerk (Alec Guinness) who oversees the daily transport of gold bullion is inspired by his new housemate (Stanley […]

Drifters (1929)

“The herring fishing has changed. It was once an idyll of brown sails and village harbours — its story now is an epic of steam and steel.” Synopsis: Herring fishermen in a North Sea coastal village head out to sea and bring their haul back to land for selling. Genres: Documentary Fishermen Review: John Grierson’s […]

Man With Bogart’s Face, The (1980)

“Does anyone ever tell you you look like…” Synopsis: An aspiring private detective (Robert Sacchi) has surgery to look just like Humphrey Bogart, and quickly acquires a host of clients — including a young woman (Olivia Hussey) who fears for her father’s life; Sacchi’s larger-than-life landlady (A’leisha Brevard), whose boyfriend (Buck Kartalian) has gone missing; […]

When Worlds Collide (1951)

“The day may arrive when money won’t mean anything — not to you, not to anyone.” Synopsis: Upon learning that two planets will soon crash into the Earth, a scientist (Larry Keaton) — with funding from a self-serving millionaire (John Hoyt) — works to create a spaceship that will allow a team of select individuals […]

Block-Heads (1938)

“If you want me to go, I’ll stay as long as you like.” Synopsis: A WWI soldier (Stan Laurel) stays in the trenches for 20 years, not realizing the war is over; when he’s finally discovered, his buddy (Oliver Hardy) brings his home to meet his wife (Minna Gombell), who mistakenly believes Ollie is having […]