Shining Victory (1941)

“There’s no sentiment in science, Mary — just the operation of natural laws.” Synopsis: A moody psychiatrist (James Stephenson) working at an asylum is at first displeased by the new assistant (Geraldine Fitzgerald) assigned to him, but gradually grows to respect and love her; meanwhile, his search for a cure to dementia leads him to […]

Three Smart Girls (1936)

“I’m not pig-headed, I’m strong-minded.” Synopsis: Three sisters (Nan Grey, Barbara Read, and Deanna Durbin) try to prevent their estranged father (Charles Winninger) from marrying a gold-digger (Binnie Barnes) by hiring a man (Ray Milland) they believe is a destitute count to woo Barnes. Genres: Deanna Durbin Films Gold Diggers Mistaken or Hidden Identities Ray […]

Variety (1925)

“You can consider yourself lucky — you’ve got a charming little wife.” Synopsis: A side-show manager (Emil Jannings) leaves his wife (Maly Delschaft) and infant child to run away with a beautiful orphan (Lya De Putti), and they begin a new life together as trapeze artists. Their happiness is compromised, however, when a world-famous performer […]

Three Bad Men (1926)

“Don’t ever be afraid o’ nothin’, Missy — because the three of us will be watchin’ over you.” Synopsis: In the 1800s, three bandits (Tom Santschi, J. Farrell MacDonald, and Frank Campeau) following a wagon train come to the aid of a young woman (Olive Borden) whose father has just been killed. Soon they decide […]

Freshman, The (1925)

“I’ve got a new one on Speedy: he thinks he made the football team, and he’s only the water boy!” Synopsis: An enthusiastic student (Harold Lloyd) looks forward to becoming a freshman in college, where he imagines he will be the most popular guy on campus; but much to the chagrin of his new sweetheart […]

One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937)

“Maybe we need more orchestras!” Synopsis: The daughter (Deanna Durbin) of an out-of-work classical trombonist (Adolph Menjou) convinces a wealthy socialite (Alice Brady) to fund the creation of a new orchestra — but when Brady’s husband (Eugene Pallette) finds out, he refuses to let the scheme move forward; meanwhile, the great conductor Leopold Stokowski is […]

tom thumb (1958)

“He’s not for sale; he’s my son!” Synopsis: A poor woodcutter (Bernard Miles) and his wife (Jessie Matthews) wish for a son of any size, and are delighted when the Forest Queen (June Thorburn) blesses them with Tom Thumb (Russ Tamblyn). When a pair of thieves (Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers) convince Tom to help them […]

Flying Deuces, The (1939)

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” Synopsis: Ollie (Oliver Hardy) is heartbroken when he learns his French sweetheart (Jean Parker) is already married. To drown his sorrows, he and his buddy Stan (Stan Laurel) join the Foreign Legion, but leave after just a few days, and are soon cited for desertion. Genres: […]

Dozens, The (1981)

“I’m not out to get you; only you can get yourself back.” Synopsis: A young woman (Deborah Margolies) returning home after a stint in prison struggles to reconnect with her daughter (Jessica Hergert) and estranged husband (Edward Mason) while scraping together a living. Genres: Ex-Cons Feminism and Women’s Issues Survival Review: The Dozens holds the […]

Moana (1926)

“The deepest wisdom of the race has said that manhood shall be won through pain.” Synopsis: A Polynesian youth named Moana prepares to marry his mate by undergoing a series of rituals. Genres: Documentary Native Peoples Robert Flaherty Films Silent Films Review: Robert Flaherty’s commissioned follow-up to his groundbreaking documentary Nanook of the North (1922) […]