Turning Point, The (1977)

“I don’t believe in being sorry; we are what we are.” Synopsis: A former ballerina (Shirley MacLaine) who gave up her career to marry her lover (Tom Skerritt) and have children revisits her past when her oldest daughter (Leslie Browne) is offered a position with the American Ballet Company, and is mentored by MacLaine’s friend […]

Great McGinty, The (1940)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Guide for the Film Fanatic title; click here to read more.] “You’ve got to understand, honey: no man is strong enough to buck the party, no matter how much he wants to make his wife happy.” Synopsis: A homeless man (Brian Donlevy) hired by a crime boss (Akim […]

Great Moment, The (1944)

“You know I discovered the use of ether, don’t you?” Synopsis: An 18th century dentist (Joel McCrea) discovers the use of ether as an effective means of anesthetizing pain during dental operations, but encounters resistance and anger when he tries to patent his discovery. Genres: Biopics Dentists Flashback Films Historical Drama Inventors Joel McCrea Films […]

Mad Love (1935)

“I, a poor peasant, have conquered science; why can’t I conquer love?” Synopsis: A mad surgeon (Peter Lorre) obsessed with an actress (Frances Drake) is distressed to learn that she’s happily married to a renowned concert pianist (Colin Clive). When Clive’s hands are mangled in a train accident, Dr. Gogol (Lorre) secretly replaces them with […]

Duet for Cannibals (1969)

“About her, I know even less. I don’t understand what is between them.” Synopsis: A young man (Gosta Ekman) takes a job helping to organize the papers of a renowned philosopher (Lars Ekborg), and soon finds himself inextricably embroiled in Ekborg’s troubled marriage to a seemingly insane wife (Adriana Asti); when Ekman’s frustrated girlfriend (Agneta […]

Safety Last! (1923)

“I’d give a thousand dollars — to anyone — for a new idea — one that would attract an enormous crowd to our store.” Synopsis: A poor country boy (Harold Lloyd) moves to the city and becomes a lowly clerk at a department store, but tells his girlfriend back home (Mildred Davis) that he’s much […]

Marriage Circle, The (1924)

“How can a husband, who loves his wife, neglect her so!” Synopsis: An unhappily married woman (Marie Prevost) attempts to seduce the husband (Monte Blue) of her best friend (Florence Vidor), not knowing that her own divorce-seeking husband (Adolph Menjou) has set a detective (Harry Myers) on her trail; meanwhile, Vidor must stave off affectionate […]

For Heaven’s Sake (1926)

“We’ll just kidnap Manners and argue it out with him back at the Club.” Synopsis: A carefree millionaire (Harold Lloyd) falls in love with the daughter (Jobyna Ralston) of a missionary (Paul Weigel), and helps fund the construction of their new mission; but when he proposes to Ralston, his wealthy pals decide to save him […]

Thief of Bagdad, The (1924)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Peary title; click here to read more.] “I am less than the slave who serves you — a wretched outcast — a thief.” Synopsis: In ancient Bagdad, a thief (Douglas Fairbanks) — aided by his trusted companion (Snitz Edwards) — vies against other suitors — including an Indian […]

Eagle, The (1925)

“I enlisted for war service only.” Synopsis: When a handsome young Cossack (Rudolph Valentino) rebuffs the romantic advances of Catherine the Great (Louise Dresser), he must flee to safety; meanwhile, after learning that his father (Spottiswoode Aitken) has been fleeced by a notorious thief (Albert Conti) — whose beautiful daughter (Vilma Banky) Valentino recently saved […]