Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

“Wilfrid the Fox! That’s what they call him, and that’s what he is!” Synopsis: An ailing barrister (Charles Laughton) receiving full-time care from a nurse (Elsa Lanchester) reluctantly agrees to defend a man (Tyrone Power) accused of murdering a wealthy dowager (Norma Varden). Genres: Billy Wilder Films Charles Laughton Films Courtroom Dramas Elsa Lanchester Films […]

Funny Face (1957)

“Every girl on every page of Quality has grace, elegance, and pizzazz. Now what’s wrong with bringing out a girl who has character, spirit, and intelligence?” Synopsis: When the editor (Kay Thompson) of a women’s fashion magazine declares that she wants a fresh face for the new edition, a photographer (Fred Astaire) points her towards […]

Harvey Girls, The (1946)

“A Harvey Girl is more than a waitress; whereever a Harvey House exists, civilization is not far behind.” Synopsis: A young midwestern woman (Judy Garland) travels to the Southwest to marry a rancher (Chill Wills) she’s never met; but when she learns he’s a hick, she decides to become a “Harvey Girl” waitress instead, and […]

I Could Go On Singing (1963)

“I can’t be spread so thin; I’m just one person.” Synopsis: While on tour in London, world-famous singer Jenny Bowman (Judy Garland) visits her former lover (Dirk Bogarde) and asks to see her son (Gregory Phillips), who was adopted by Bogarde and his recently deceased wife years earlier. Soon Bowman finds herself wanting to spend […]

Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

“The Follies is life, in one stiff jolt — life running, instead of walking; life speeded up to a mile a minute. But if you’ve got the right stuff, the pace won’t bother you.” Synopsis: Three young women find their lives upended once they become “Ziegfeld girls”: an elevator girl (Lana Turner) loses her trucker […]

Ziegfeld Follies (1945)

“Just because I moved up here, did the Follies have to die, too?” Synopsis: Flo Ziegfeld (William Powell) looks down from heaven and imagines a new Follies show starring the best and brightest Hollywood stars — including Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, and more. Genres: Edward Arnold Films Ensemble Cast Fred Astaire Films Gene […]

Whirlpool (1949)

“A successful marriage is usually based upon what a husband and wife don’t know about each other.” Synopsis: The kleptomaniac wife (Gene Tierney) of a successful psychoanalyst (Richard Conte) is intercepted by a conning hypnotist (Jose Ferrer), who promises to help cure her sleep issues, then manipulates her into appearing culpable for a murder. Genres: […]

Black Narcissus (1947)

“There’s something in the atmosphere that makes everything seem exaggerated.” Synopsis: A nun (Deborah Kerr) is sent to establish a convent high in the Himalayas, where she and her fellow nuns — Sister Philippa (Flora Robson), Sister Honey (Jenny Laird), Sister Briony (Judith Furse), and Sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron) — each confront their personal demons. […]

Naked Night, The / Sawdust and Tinsel (1953)

“You want to put all this behind you. You old buzzard! You’re getting old and rickety… and scared!” Synopsis: An aging circus owner (Aake Gronberg) visits his estranged wife (Annika Tretow) and kids, while his mistress (Harriet Andersson) flirts with an arrogant stage actor (Hasse Ekman). Genres: Carnivals and Circuses Ingmar Bergman Films Midlife Crisis […]

Easter Parade (1948)

“Who says I can’t get along without her? See those girls? Any one of them has as much talent as she has.” Synopsis: When his longtime partner (Ann Miller) leaves him to go solo, a dancer (Fred Astaire) takes a chorus girl (Judy Garland) under his wing and decides to turn her into his protegee. […]