Night at the Opera, A (1935)

“I’d give you my seat, but I’m sitting here.” Synopsis: A huckster (Groucho Marx) hired by a would-be socialite (Margaret Dumont) to help her enter high society convinces her to invest $200,000 in an opera production, whose snooty manager (Sig Ruman) hires an arrogant opera star (Walter Woolf King) as his lead singer. Meanwhile, a […]

Room Service (1938)

“I’ll give you the best performance you ever saw in a hotel bedroom!” Synopsis: When the agent (Philip Wood) for a high-end investor reneges on backing a play written by a penniless playwright (Frank Albertson), the play’s producer (Groucho Marx) and his two associates (Chico and Harpo Marx) arrange for an irate hotel manager (Donald […]

Go West (1940)

“Time wounds all heels.” Synopsis: The grandfather (Tully Marshall) of a poor woman (Diana Lewis) hoping to marry her fiancee (John Carroll) gives his two fellow prospectors (Chico and Harpo Marx) a seemingly worthless deed, which is soon coveted by two evil railroad barons (Walter Woolf King and Robert Barrat) hoping to sell the land […]

Day at the Races, A (1937)

“I’ve got the most peculiar talents of any doctor you ever met.” Synopsis: The assistant (Chico Marx) to the owner (Maureen O’Sullivan) of a struggling sanitarium tries to help solicit much-needed funds by hiring a horse doctor (Groucho Marx) who a wealthy hypochondriac patient (Margaret Dumont) has a crush on. Meanwhile, O’Sullivan’s boyfriend (Allan Jones) […]

At the Circus (1939)

“There must be some way of getting that money, without getting in trouble with the Hays Office!” Synopsis: With the help of two dubious but well-meaning assistants (Chico and Harpo Marx), a lawyer (Groucho Marx) tries to secure enough evidence to indict the thieves (Nat Pendleton and Jerry Maren) who have stolen $10,000 from a […]

Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

“You’re a good man with a good brain — but you’re no good to the department unless you learn to control yourself.” Synopsis: A pugnacious detective (Dana Andrews) accidentally kills the estranged husband (Craig Stevens) of a woman (Gene Tierney) whose father (Tom Tully) becomes the prime suspect, then tries to pin the blame on […]

Animal Crackers (1930)

“Now then, Captain, I think between the two of us we can solve the mystery of the stolen painting — especially if you go home.” Synopsis: A world-renowned African explorer (Groucho Marx) is feted by a society woman (Margaret Dumond), who is eager to show off a valuable painting which various people — including her […]