Way Down East (1920)

“Don’t worry; everything’s all right. Don’t you trust me?” Synopsis: A naive country girl (Lillian Gish) is deceived by a womanizing player (Lowell Sherman) into believing she’s married him, and bears a child out of wedlock. After the baby dies and Sherman abandons her, she starts her life over by working as a maid for […]

Big Broadcast of 1938, The (1938)

“Remember the last time we were in jail together, darling?” Synopsis: The owner (W.C. Fields) of an electrically-charged ocean liner challenges a rival ship to a race, while a radio show host (Bob Hope) with multiple ex-wives (Shirley Ross, Grace Bradley, and Virginia Vale) and a new fiancee (Dorothy Lamour) announces the ships’ progress and […]

Come and Get It / Roaring Timber (1936)

“In ten years, I’m going to be one of the richest men in this state! You wait and see.” Synopsis: An ambitious lumberjack (Edward Arnold) marries the daughter (Mary Nash) of his business partner rather than the woman he really loves — saloon singer Lotta Morgan (Frances Farmer). Years later, he meets Lotta’s daughter (also […]

Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)

“That’s the second of my friends that have been killed in the last couple of days!” Synopsis: On behalf of her newspaper, a journalist (Amy Farrell) hires a dapper private eye (Frank Kress) to solve the grisly murder of a stripper (Jackie Kroeger) — just the first of many soon to be mutilated. Genres: Detectives […]

Scarlet Letter, The (1926)

“Take heed, therefore! If ye sin, ye must pay — there is no escape!” Synopsis: In Puritan New England, young Hester Prynne (Lillian Gish) has a child out of wedlock with Reverend Dimmesdale (Lars Hanson), and is forced to wear an “A” for “Adultress” on her clothing at all times. When her estranged husband (Henry […]

Rebecca (1940)

“Marriage with Max is not exactly a bed of roses, is it?” Synopsis: The shy personal assistant (Joan Fontaine) of a brash society lady (Florence Bates) falls in love with a wealthy widower (Laurence Olivier) whose deceased wife, Rebecca, continues to haunt the memories of those she left behind. Genres: George Sanders Films Hitchcock Films […]

Suspicion (1941)

“Johnnie, I’m just beginning to understand you.” Synopsis: A bookish wallflower (Joan Fontaine) marries a charming rake (Cary Grant) who quickly arouses her suspicions when she discovers he is both a liar and a penniless thief. Genres: Cary Grant Films Hitchcock Films Homicidal Spouses Joan Fontaine Films Marital Problems Newlyweds Plot to Murder Response to […]

Under Capricorn (1949)

“I’m afraid I’m not very well.” Synopsis: In the early 19th century, an Irishman (Michael Wilding) moves to Australia, where he befriends an ex-convict (Joseph Cotten) whose fragile wife (Ingrid Bergman) has become a reclusive alcoholic cared for by her domineering housemaid (Margaret Leighton). When Wilding attempts to help cure Bergman of her neuroses (falling […]

Broken Blossoms (The Yellow Man and the White Girl) (1919)

“The Yellow Man watched Lucy often. The beauty which all Limehouse missed smote him to his heart.” Synopsis: A teenage waif (Lillian Gish) abused by her adoptive father (Donald Crisp) finds refuge in the home of a kind Chinese shopkeeper (Richard Barthelmess). Genres: Asian-Americans Child Abuse Cross-Cultural Romance D.W. Griffith Films Lillian Gish Films Racism […]

Animal Farm (1954)

“No animal shall kill another animal. All animals are equal.” Synopsis: A group of farm animals rebel against their cruel owner and take over the farm themselves. But soon two head pigs (Napoleon and Snowball) are vying for leadership, and the animals find themselves back in dire straits. Genres: Animated Features Revolutionaries Rivalry Talking Animals […]