Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

“I’m just like a piece of meat that keeps on living.” Synopsis: A WWI veteran (Timothy Bottoms) without limbs, face, or ears finds renewed hope when a kind nurse (Diane Varsi) attempts to communicate with him. Genres: Donald Sutherland Films Flashback Films Jason Robards Films Literature Adaptation Living Nightmare Veterans World War One Response to […]

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

“They’re dropping like flies, Agar — they’re dropping like flies.” Synopsis: An FBI agent (William Smith) enlists the help of a beautiful scientist (Victoria Vetri) while investigating a rash of mysterious deaths in a small California town. Genres: Femmes Fatales Horror Insects Scientists Response to Peary’s Review: This B-level serio-comic horror flick about a government […]

Journey of Natty Gann, The (1985)

“You’ve got no business being on the road, kid.” Synopsis: During the Depression, a motherless teen (Meredith Salenger) embarks on a journey to find her father (Ray Wise), who has gone to Seattle for a logging job. Genres: Coming-of-Age Depression Era Pets Road Trip Search Response to Peary’s Review: The opening line to Peary’s review […]

Other Side of the Mountain, The (1975)

“I think the hardest time is waking up in the morning — those moments before I remember who I am, and think instead about who I was.” Synopsis: An Olympic hopeful (Marilyn Hassett) becomes paralyzed in a skiing accident, and struggles to create a meaningful new life for herself. Genres: Beau Bridges Films Biopics Disabilities […]