Mermaids of Tiburon, The (1962)

“Won’t you believe in me? If you do, there will always be mermaids.” Synopsis: A marine biologist (George Rowe) in search of rare “flame pearls” travels to Tiburon Island, where he discovers mermaids; meanwhile, a ruthless gangster (Timothy Carey) and his Mexican shipmate (Jose Gonzales-Gonzales) pursue the pearls themselves. Genres: At Sea Fantasy Mermaids Review: […]

Black Windmill, The (1974)

“I’ve got to know what’s going to happen to David!” Synopsis: A British agent (Michael Caine) is suspected by his boss (Donald Pleasence) of kidnapping his own son (Paul Moss), and must take matters into his own hands. Genres: Don Siegel Films Donald Pleasence Films Kidnapping Michael Caine Films Spies Vigilantes Review: Based on Clive […]

Love at Twenty (1962)

“All evening I watched her hair and neck. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.” Synopsis: Filmmakers from France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Japan tell short stories about the joy and heartbreak of young love. Genres: Episodic Films Eastern European Films Francois Truffaut Films French Films German Films Japanese Films Obsessive Love Review: Judging […]

Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

“Small things sometimes tell large story.” Synopsis: When a delusional amnesiac (Boris Karloff) escapes from a sanitarium in search of an opera singer (Margaret Irving), Chinese detective Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) and his “number one son” (Keye Luke) are on the case. Genres: Asian-Americans Boris Karloff Films Detectives and Private Eyes Murder Mystery Opera Review: […]

Monterey Pop (1968)

“We all love each other, right?” Synopsis: Some of the world’s most notable musicians perform at the historic 1967 Monterey International Festival in Northern California. Genres: Concert Films Counterculture Response to Peary’s Review: Widely acknowledged as “the first major rock concert film”, Monterey Pop gives us “a chance to see some of the greatest rock-music […]

Twice Upon a Time (1983)

“The spring is on the loose. We’ve got to get it, and we’ve got to get it now!” Synopsis: Ralph the All-Purpose-Animal (Lorenzo Music) and his sidekick, Mum, are tricked by evil Synonamess Botch (Marshall Efron) — ruler of Murkworks Nightmare Factory — into releasing the “Magic Mainspring” from a “Cosmic Clock” of time, thus […]

Canterbury Tales, The (1972)

“You take a path to Canterbury — well, good luck. The holy blessed martyrs will reward you.” Synopsis: A group of pilgrims travel to Canterbury, telling various bawdy tales along the way. Genres: Black Comedy Episodic Films Historical Drama Literature Adaptation Pier Paolo Pasolini Films Review: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s follow-up to his delightfully irreverent adaptation […]

Carry On, Nurse (1959)

“Listen: hospital life from the patient’s point of view… A series, it’s surefire.” Synopsis: A motley group of patients at a British hospital — including a journalist, a boxer, and a colonel — interact with nurses, visitors, and each other. Genres: Comedy Doctors and Nurses Review: Between 1958 and 1978, 29 films in the enormously […]

Atomic Cafe, The (1982)

“When not close enough to be killed, the atomic bomb is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.” Synopsis: Archival footage documents Cold War America’s attitudes towards nuclear threat. Genres: Documentary Nuclear Threat Propaganda Response to Peary’s Review: As Peary notes, this immensely popular documentary (made during the height of anti-nuclear-energy demonstrations in […]

Mutations, The (1974)

“He’ll soon be neither human nor plant, but with the characteristics and advantages of both: a plant that can move and think; a man who can set down roots.” Synopsis: A mad scientist (Donald Pleasence) obsessed with merging plant and human life forms has his facially deformed assistant (Tom Baker) kidnap university students (Olga Anthony […]