Quartet (1948)

“In one way or another, I’ve used in my writings pretty well everything that’s happened to me in the course of my life.” Synopsis: W. Somerset Maugham introduces four cinematic adaptations of his short stories: in “The Facts of Life”, a young man (Jack Watling) disregards his father’s advice about gambling while on a trip […]

Wedding in Blood (1973)

“I’m truly very happy — happy to see that, thanks to my wife, your widowhood is not too hard for you.” Synopsis: The wife (Stephane Audran) of a small town mayor (Claude Pieplu) carries on a torrid affair with her husband’s married deputy (Michel Piccoli); soon they’re driven to spousal murder by their uncontrollable lust […]

Wee Geordie (1955)

“I only wish, McTaggart, that you had acquired as much in knowledge as you have in height and weight.” Synopsis: A tiny Scottish lad (Paul Young) grows into a “gentle giant” (Bill Travers) who learns to throw hammers, and is recruited to represent Britain in the Australian Olympics. Genres: Alastair Sim Films Comedy Scotland Sports […]

Very Curious Girl, A (1969)

“Things’ve changed. Got any money for me?” Synopsis: When her mother dies, a gypsy girl named Marie (Bernadette La Font) — who for years has been treated as the town slut — begins charging the boorish villagers for her sexual favors; soon she embarks upon an even more elaborate plan of revenge. Genres: Black Comedy […]

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

“I think we’re chasing a ghost — an invisible horse and an invisible cowboy.” Synopsis: A modern-day cowboy (Kirk Douglas) gets himself thrown in jail so he can help his friend Paul (Michael Kane) escape. When Paul decides to stay behind and wait out his sentence, Jack (Douglas) flees on his own, and is hunted […]

Western Union (1941)

“Tell him that the Great White Father who speaks with lightning over the singing wire is sorry for the wounding of his Indian son — but that the lightning talk is strong medicine, and it must go through.” Synopsis: When a former outlaw (Randolph Scott) saves the life of a Western Union engineer (Dean Jagger), […]

Return of Frank James, The (1940)

“Jesse’s gone, that’s true, and maybe Frank’s gone too — and then again, maybe he ain’t. The boy’s always had a mighty peculiar way of turning up just when you least expect him.” Synopsis: When his brother Jesse is shot in the back by former accomplice Bob Ford (John Carradine), Frank James (Henry Fonda) and […]

Murder by Decree (1979)

“You create allegiance above your sworn allegiance to protect humanity: you shall not care for them, or acknowledge their pain. There lies the madness.” Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Plummer) and Dr. Watson (James Mason) try to unravel the mystery of Jack the Ripper, who has been killing prostitutes across London; when they learn that a […]

Woman’s Secret, A (1949)

“I want you to get this straight once and for all: you’re not going to give up your career!” Synopsis: When former singer Marian Washburn (Maureen O’Hara) confesses to shooting her young protegee (Gloria Grahame), Marion’s pianist-friend (Melvyn Douglas) tries to convince police detective Jim Fowler (Jay C. Flippen) that she’s lying. Genres: Criminal Investigation […]

Murder at the Gallop (1963)

“A wealthy old gentleman with a weak heart had a pathological horror of cats: what easier than for some interested party to slip a cat into the house, a cat that the old man will come upon unexpectedly? Yes — old Enderby was frightened to death!” Synopsis: When wealthy Mr. Enderby (Finlay Currie) falls dead […]