Klondike Annie (1936)

“I got a debt to pay — not to this crowd, but to Annie, and I’m gonna do it.” Synopsis: After stabbing her possessive Chinese boyfriend (Harold Huber), a dancehall singer known as the Frisco Doll (Mae West) boards a ship to Alaska, where she immediately entrances the ship’s captain (Victor McLaglen). When a missionary […]

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

“Sometimes black magic very close relative to blackmail.” Synopsis: Detective Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) and his eager son (Sen Yung) investigate the sudden death of a writer (Louis Jean Heydt) who has received a mysterious telegram from the famed hypnotist “Dr. Zodiac”. Genres: Asian-Americans Detectives and Private Eyes Magicians Mind Control and Hypnosis Murder Mystery […]

One Hour With You (1932)

“My wife thinks I am a darling, and my wife’s friend thinks I’m cute. It’s a terrible situation — but I am determined not to weaken. We’ll see!” Synopsis: A happily married man (Maurice Chevalier) finds himself seduced by his wife’s flirtatious friend Mitzi (Genevieve Tobin); meanwhile, his unsuspecting wife (Jeanette MacDonald) is pursued by […]

Girl From Missouri, The (1934)

“You can make me cheap and common like a million others — but gee, I wish you wouldn’t!” Synopsis: A chaste chorus girl (Jean Harlow) hoping to marry a millionaire pursues a middle-aged banker (Lionel Barrymore); meanwhile, Barrymore’s playboy son (Franchot Tone) falls for Harlow, but can’t convince her to give up her goal of […]

Sabotage (1936)

“Sand. Sabotage. Wrecking. Deliberate. What’s at the back of it? Who did it?” Synopsis: While investigating the subversive activities of a foreign-born cinema owner (Oskar Homolka), an undercover detective (John Loder) in London finds himself falling in love with the cinema owner’s unsuspecting wife (Sylvia Sidney). Genres: Hitchcock Films Literature Adaptation Mistaken or Hidden Identities […]

Stalker (1979)

“The Zone wants to be respected — otherwise it will punish.” Synopsis: A taciturn guide (Aleksandr Kajdanovsky) known as “Stalker” leads a writer (Anatoli Solonitsyn) and a scientist (Nikolai Grinko) across police barriers into the mysterious, dangerous, forbidden Zone, where it is said one’s deepest wishes can be granted. Genres: Literature Adaptation Psychic Powers Road […]

Song of the South (1946)

“Just because these here tales is about critters like Br’er Rabbit an’ Br’er Fox, that don’t mean it can’t happen to folks!” Synopsis: While staying on his grandmother’s plantation, a lonely boy named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) befriends an older slave named Uncle Remus (James Baskett), who tells him tall tales about Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, […]

Secret Agent (1936)

“Oh, I know it’s war and it’s our job to do it, but that doesn’t prevent it being murder — simple murder!” Synopsis: During World War One, three British spies — a couple pretending to be married (John Gielgud and Madeleine Carroll) and their accomplice (Peter Lorre) — are sent to Switzerland to find and […]

Number Seventeen (1932)

“Ya don’t have to do nothin’ in this ‘ere house — ya stand still and things happen!” Synopsis: At a vacant house (“Number 17”), a detective (John Stuart) runs into a Cockney hobo (Leon M. Lion), a plucky girl (Ann Casson), and a gang of thieves searching for a missing diamond necklace. Genres: Detectives and […]

Cold Turkey (1971)

“Stop smoking? You might as well ask me to stop breathing!” Synopsis: When Valient Tobacco Company offers $25 million to any city willing to stop smoking for 30 days, the economically depressed town of Eagle Rock (pop: 4,006) — led by Reverend Clayton Brooks (Dick van Dyke) — takes on the challenge. Genres: Alcoholism and […]