Hold Back Tomorrow (1955)

“He wants to have some fun. Music, dancing — y’know. To kill time.” Synopsis: As his final request, a death-row prisoner named Joe (John Agar) asks for a girl to be sent to his cell. When a suicidal prostitute named Dora (Cleo Moore) shows up, Joe is at first disappointed — but soon the two […]

Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

“Four of us will be enough. We will get their women under our power, and soon we will rule the whole world!” Synopsis: Five astronauts (Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor, William Phipps, and Douglas Fowley) on a trip to the moon discover a colony of man-hating “cat women” with psychic powers. Genres: Aliens Marie […]

First Time, The (1983)

“While others get laid, Charles, you will make love!” Synopsis: An aspiring virginal filmmaker (Tim Choate) lusts after a beautiful young co-ed (Krista Errickson) who wants nothing to do with him. Genres: College Romantic Comedy Review: Charlie Loventhal’s semi-autobiographical debut film received promising reviews from the New York Times upon its release — but it’s […]

Soup for One (1982)

“Soup for one… It’s the story of my life.” Synopsis: A single New Yorker (Saul Rubinek) hoping to meet Ms. Right falls in love at first sight with his “ideal woman” (Marcia Strassman) — then must convince her to marry him. Genres: Dating Flashback Films Looking for Ms./Mr. Right Romantic Comedy Review: After his successful […]

Sugarbaby (1985)

“I spied on you, I tracked you down — and then I nailed you!” Synopsis: A lonely, overweight mortuary employee (Marianne Sagebrecht) falls obsessively in love with a handsome young subway driver (Eisi Gulp), and plots to ensnare him romantically. Genres: German Films Misfits Obsessive Love Romantic Comedy Review: Two years before his breakthrough film […]

Beau James: The Life and Times of Jimmy Walker (1957)

“There’s his one true love — the cockeyed city of New York!” Synopsis: New York’s flamboyant, song-writing mayor, Jimmy Walker (Bob Hope), has an open affair with a showgirl (Vera Miles) while dealing with charges of political corruption. Genres: Alexis Smith Films Biopics Bob Hope Films New York City Political Corruption Response to Peary’s Review: […]

Three in the Attic (1968)

“You’ve heard of the sexual revolution… Well, I’m probably one of its first casualties.” Synopsis: A womanizing college boy (Christopher Jones) is imprisoned as a sex slave by his girlfriend (Yvette Mimieux) and two other girls he’s been secretly dating (Judy Pace and Maggie Thrett). Genres: Black Comedy Prisoners Revenge Womanizers Yvette Mimieux Films Review: […]

Swamp Women (1955)

“This stinkin’ swamp water stinks!” Synopsis: An undercover policewoman (Carole Mathews) joins a gang of female cons — Vera (Beverly Garland), Josie (Marie Windsor), and Billie (Jil Jarmyn) — as they search the Louisiana bayou for stolen diamonds. Genres: Deep South Ex-Cons Marie Windsor Films Roger Corman Films Undercover Cops and Agents Review: Roger Corman’s […]

Terror of Tiny Town, The (1938)

“Here comes Buck Lawson — hit leather!” Synopsis: The son (Billy Curtis) of a rancher (John T. Bambury) falls in love with the niece (Yvonne Moray) of his father’s enemy, “Uncle Jim” (Billy Platt). When Jim is shot, Buck (Curtis) is the suspect — but the real killer (‘Little Billy’ Rhodes) is on the loose. […]

Crimes of the Heart (1986)

“I didn’t like his stinkin’ looks.” Synopsis: Three grown sisters — Meg (Jessica Lange), Lenny (Diane Keaton), and Babe (Sissy Spacek) — reunite in their Southern childhood home when Babe is accused of shooting her husband (Beeson Carroll). Genres: Deep South Diane Keaton Films Homecoming Jessica Lange Films Play Adaptations Siblings Sissy Spacek Films Review: […]