Who Killed Teddy Bear (1965)

“Norah, don’t you see? I’m with you everywhere.” Synopsis: A disturbed busboy (Sal Mineo) makes anonymous phone calls to his d.j. co-worker Norah (Juliet Prowse); meanwhile, Norah’s case is investigated by an eager police detective (Jan Murray) who specializes in sexual perverts. Genres: Detectives and Private Eyes Obsessive Love Peeping Toms Review: Joseph Cates’ atmospheric […]

American Madness (1932)

“I’m not interested in profit. I’m interested in the bank — in the depositers; they’re my friends. They’re looking to me for protection, and I’m not walking out on them!” Synopsis: Warm-hearted banker Thomas Dickson (Walter Huston) is pressured by his Board of Directors to stop giving loans so freely, but he refuses on principle. […]

Modern Romance (1981)

“One, two, three! And-I-don’t-even-miss-her, two, three!” Synopsis: After breaking up with his beautiful girlfriend Mary (Kathryn Harrold) for the umpteenth time, self-absorbed Hollywood editor Robert Cole (Albert Brooks) wallows in self-pity before trying to woo Mary back. Genres: Albert Brooks Films Dating Los Angeles Romantic Comedy Winning Him/Her Back Response to Peary’s Review: Critical opinions […]

No Sad Songs for Me (1950)

“Once in a while, when I stop fighting it, I get a flash of — I’d guess you’d call it philosophy. Suddenly I realize that what really matters isn’t how long we live, but how.” Synopsis: When Mary Scott (Margaret Sullavan) discovers she only has a few months left to live, she decides to keep […]

Phenix City Story, The (1955)

“There are enough decent men here to wipe Fourteenth Street off the map — if you’ll tell “em to!” Synopsis: A lawyer (John McIntire), his son (Richard Kiley), and other concerned citizens fight back against the insidious corruption in their Southern town. Genres: Assassination Collective Activism Corruption Deep South Phil Karlson Films Review: Based on […]

Mark, The (1961)

“I knew that sooner or later you’d be taking that little girl off alone.” Synopsis: A man (Stuart Whitman) imprisoned for intent to molest a ten-year-old girl tries to start a new life for himself, with the help of his psychiatrist (Rod Steiger). Things seems to be looking up for him when he secures a […]

Heartaches (1981)

“I’m pregnant, and I have to go to the city to have an abortion. It’s not my husband’s baby, and he doesn’t know!” Synopsis: When Bonnie (Annie Potts) finds out she’s pregnant by someone other than her husband (Robert Carradine), she heads to the big city to have an abortion. Along the way, she meets […]

Sex Kittens Go to College/Beauty and the Robot, The (1960)

“I’m so far out already, I’m on another planet!” Synopsis: A platinum blonde (Mamie Van Doren) with an IQ of 268 faces prejudice, lust, and jealousy when she begins her new job as head of a college science department. Genres: College Comedy John Carradine Films Mamie Van Doren Films Robots Teachers Tuesday Weld Films Review: […]

Chapman Report, The (1962)

“Help me — I don’t want to be half a woman!” Synopsis: Four suburban women — a frigid widow (Jane Fonda), a sexually active divorcee (Claire Bloom), an aspiring sculptress (Glynis Johns), and an adulterous housewife (Shelley Winters) — find themselves questioning their sexual practices when they participate in a Kinsey-esque survey. Genres: Claire Bloom […]

Shanks (1974)

Synopsis: A mad scientist (Marcel Marceau) teaches a deaf-mute puppeteer named Malcolm Shanks (also Marceau) how to revive and manipulate the dead. Genres: Deafness Horror Mad Doctors and Scientists Puppets and Ventriloquism William Castle Films Zombies Review: This odd curio — William Castle’s final directorial effort, and Marcel Marceau’s lone starring role — is a […]